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As title implies, what do you do when your High Elf opponent whips out the King of magic?

On paper, I can finally see Malekith having a use, as a Str6 hit against Teclis for every spell that is dispelled when the Target is Malekith or his unit would really hurt the little elf. Malekith generating +1 Dispel dice and having MR2 helps this alot.

Obviously, Corpse Carts with Balefire would also help considerably.

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I've found the combination of 3 Trebuchets to whittle down the unit followed by a charge from KotR with Lord tends to do the trick. Because of Lance formation, there aren't too many attacks hitting first and the Bret Lord will be in a challenge with Teclis (Gauntlet of the Duel - Challenge MUST be accepted). 4 S6 attacks at WS10 re-rolling misses and wounds plus one from the trusty nag tends to see minor characters die a rather grisely death lol.
Teclis is normally guarded by Caradryan. And camped in a big unit.

Besides, the whole point of why Teclis is hard to kill is because he sends out more successful spells than an Oxbridge spelling comp.
Anyone who's anyone won't let your Gauntlet of the Duel near him without either spell blasting you, or have Teclis exit out of the back of the unit.

At which point, Caradryan accepts/issues a challenge and slays your Lord.
1 - 2 of 101 Posts
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