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I got the new kit today, and though I deem venomthropes the more useful of the two options, I felt compelled to build at least one zoanthrope out of the three.

I was actually expecting the torso to go together in stages, with a hood section for the venomthrope option but there were actually two separate torsos for each creature. Where they get you is by only including three frontal ribcages, so you can't really use the spare torsos. Assholes.

The kit is surprisingly easy to put together, and while the zoanthrope is pretty static, the venomthrope has reverted to the traditional tyranid ball and socket joints for its arms, allowing you to position its tentacles in almost any pose. THe joints are tiny though, even smaller than the arm sockets on gaunts, so probably not useful for other kits unless you do a bit of snipping and re-gluing.

The venomthrope head is on a rather long neck, as the glue point is sunk quite deep under the carapace hood. This does allow for the head to look in several directions and be put on a tilt. The lower set of limbs is the same for both kits, and if you build the zoanthrope you get some spare spore chimney stacks to play with.

All in all, I love this kit. It turns two horrible impractical resin models into good quality plastic ones. Totally worth the price by comparison.
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