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Vehicles in assault

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When you assault a tank in your turn and the tank in his turn is still there you are considered in cc in that enemy turn? or you have to declare another assault in your turn as when you finish the assault its over.
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As long as you are still in B2B contact with the opponents vehicle, you are still in combat, but not locked in combat.

If the opponent doesnt move their vehicle in their turn (or you immobilize/stun it), then you can actually attack their vehicle in THEIR turn.
A lot of people dont realize this.
so your models can still move if they choose not to attack?
In your turn, yes.

In fact, you are almost always better off moving back, shooting, then charging the vehicle again as you get your bonus attack for charging again.

EDIT: This is against vehicles only though.
Walkers will lock you in combat just like regular models.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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