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I've explained to him that an immobilised result on an already immobilised = wrecked, and a weapon destroyed with no weapons remaining = wrecked, but that what he is saying does not = wrecked.
Just to set things straight, it works like this:

If you have all weapons destroyed, and suffer another weapon destroyed result, you become imobilised.

If you are imobilised and you suffer another imobilised result, it becomes a weapon destroyed result.

If you have all weapons destroyed AND you are immobilised, and you suffer another result of either, only then you are classed as wrecked.

So, if the vehicle is weapon-less and immobilised, it is not wrecked automatically. This is important for things like transports, where a unit would be able to remain inside the vehicle, or in cases where the vehicle can be repaired, or where the vehicle can still have an effect on the battle field. The vehicle might be sitting there, unable to move or shoot, but it can still have an effect on the battle field in other ways :) It also doesn't give away a kill point in Annihilation missions.

Hope that helps clear it up somewhat :)
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