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Was kind of torn between putting this here or in Daemon lists but I thought it might fit here better.

I recently played a 1750 game against marines and got killed pretty bad. I was trying for a Slaanesh/Nurgle list consisting of the following:

2x DP w/ MON, COF, IH, Wings, NT
1x DP w/ MOS, AOA, POS, IH

5x Fiends w/ UM

5x PB with IOC
5x PB
15x Daemonettes w/ TG
15x Daemonettes

I think that was about it. Anyways. He had a very shooty list consisting of 3 rhinos filled with tactical marines, 2 Typhoons and 2 Tornados (These gave me a lot of trouble), and 3 dreadnoughts whose loadout I can't remember but they were long range with four or so high str/good ap shots.

An obvious problem I ran into was that I didn't really understand what I was going up against, as I don't have a lot of experience vs marines. I deepstruck ok with my GUO, the Slaaneshi DP, a Nurgle DP, some Daemonettes, and the Icon Plaguebearers.

He absolutely destroyed my MCs the very first turn. Both Daemon princes were gunned down to 1 wound and the GUO to 2 or 3. I got through several of the dreadnoughts through the course of the game but never got to the speeders as he was keeping them tucked behind his rhinos pretty effectively (and I didn't really realize how scary they could be when I deployed). The KOS didn't get in until turn 5, which definitely didn't help, but I don't think it would have made a big difference. By the end of the game he had killed everything aside from some remnants of both daemonette squads and the plaguebearer squads. I had managed to kill just two dreadnoughts, two transports, and one unit of ultramarines

In response to that game I made up a list of the same size that will hopefully do better against armies like that. Unfortunately I broke from the Nurgle/Slaanesh theme but it can't be helped
(SM doesn't seem to be useful in most games I play)

1x DP w/ MON, IH, Wings, COF, NT
2x DP w/ MOT, BOT
(I'm kinda iffy on not taking IH on the two with MOT but I thought it would be better to pass)

5x Fiends w/ UM

7x Horrors w/ BOT
7x Horrors w/ BOT, Changeling
5x PB w/ IOC
12x Daemonettes
13x Daemonettes

What are your thoughts on my last list, what happened to me in the game, and the new list?
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