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Ok, so a vehicle in a squad of Vypers can be wrecked with an Immobilized result. (Roll of a 3 for a normal Penetrating hit)

Vectored Engines say that they would allow a vehicle to land normally instead of crashing and being considered Wrecked due to an Immobilized result. (No mention of Flat Out is made)

The "Fluff" reasons behind the squadron rules would say that Vectored Engines don't matter in this case, but by the actual rules of the Gear it would seem that the Vyper may actually survive.

The only problem is that since if one member of squad moves, they all count as moving. Therefore, the entire squad would be effectively Immobilized until the damaged member was completely Wrecked. However, this could provide a tad bit more survivability to a super fragile squad, expensive as it may be.

What do ya think?
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