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first of all, i believe in 2 ways for detachments.
A.) They are all from the same Codex (or army for inducting)
B.) All armies are either Forces of Order or Disorder or Tyranids. (all other races are able to be communicated with, not the nids.) ex. no nid's going with IG or Dark Eldar going with Witch Hunters, it makes no sence, but like you said in friendly anything counts.

now. if we assume A is correct, which i believe it is as B is more of the fun way of doing things, then you mearly treat it as normal, ignoring inducted troops' strategy rating.

If we assume B is correct, then it depends upon the preferances of the players. They may either believe that
A.) The higher strategy rating army is coordinating the attack/defence/whatever and thusly use their rating.
B.) The more disorganised army makes planning and all other desk work harder for the more organised army. Thusly you would use the lowerr of the ratings.

The best way to do this is probably to dice off at the begining of the game 4-6=Choise A for either both armies or one (players' preferance)
1-3=Choise B for either both armies or one (players' preferance)
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