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Vampire Counts Roleplay - Interest Thread

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Who is interested in a fantasy roleplay, playing as the Vampire Counts:

Vampire Count Roleplay - Set in the End Times / Just before following the remnants of the Von Drakenblood Line after the destruction of their castle in brettonia, and the death of their 'father' and 'mother': Mordred and Elizabeth Von Drakenblood at the hands of the Lodbrok Clan of Karak Hirn and their brettonian allies.

During the final battle of Castle Drakenblood, after the death of Mordred and Elizabeth the remaining 'children' who were saved by the most unlikely of vampires: Lucian Blackheart, the 'Father' of Mordred and so the 'Grand Father' of the Von Drakenblood line.

Taking those that remained with him upon the back of Tharal-Zan his Carmine Dragon, to the Dark Lands he takes the remnants under his 'wing' and along with the Blackheart, the Shadow-Fang lines (from his other two sons) and his allies of Krom-Gar a Sorcerer-Prophet of the Dawi-Zharr he takes his force under the orders of Nagash to crack open and break the Worlds Edge Mountains and while at it get revenge.

So the rp would follow the Von Drakenblood remnants along with their 'cousins' and chaos dwarf allies fighting across the Dark Lands (Ogres, Skaven, Orcs and Goblings) before fighting the armies of the Dwarves.

I will be drawing up the 'family' free as such of all the pre-existing members of the Bloodline so you know who you can be 'descended' from as such. If your coming from the old: Crusade of Blood Roleplay, where you played as a Von Drakenblood then pm me and ill let you know what happened to your character during the Siege of Castle Drakenblood before you do your character sheet.

Im after atleast 5 Yes's before i put a recruitment thread up.

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Sounds good Vaz, however you know that 'ghoul taint' would be in any vampire that was a 'flesh-eater' before they got turned, and even after if they still feed on cold blood and dead flesh so he could be infact either a: Von Drakenblood, Blackheart or Shadow-Fang fully instead of being allied to them.

The way im planning to doing the selection of gear and such will be similiar to how i did Tides of Blood character sheet but hopefully this time with more interest.

It will be nice to have you on board either way.
Vote on it then Ramo. If i get atleast 5 yes votes then ill get the recruitment thread sorted.
I should drop kick you into space for taking so long to post anything Komanko. However it will be good to have you in if you decide to return.
Got 5 votes, will begin working on the recruitment thread now then. Will leave the voting open until it closes to get a good idea of numbers for the rp.
Still working on all the stuff for it, so hopefully should have it finished this weekend. A quick preview to any of those interested. Here is some lore behind all the Male Von Drakenbloods that you can be descended from. Saintire and Captain Stillos you two will be returning as your actual characters: Gaelen and Khalidel Von Drakenblood (respectively.)

The Von Drakenblood Line

The Von Drakenblood’s are an old and terrible line of vampires that can trace the originals of their bloodline all the way back to Lucian Blackheart who traces his own blood back to Neferata. The Von Drakenblood’s have been the blight on Brettonian and Karak Hirn for nigh-on six hundred years since the oldest of them, Mordred Von Drakenblood once a noble knight of the Empire, took up residence within the land of Knighthood and Chivalry.

The 'Father' of the Von Drakenblood line is Mordred Von Drakenblood a vampire of some seven hundred years of age before his final death at the hands of King Ragnar Lodbrok of Karak Hirn at the siege of Castle Drakenblood. Before taking the name Von Drakenblood, Mordred himself was called Mordred Blackheart and as such is one of the three main Gets of Lucian Blackheart.

The Von Drakenblood bloodline can best be described as being similar to felines in that while they all share the same blood in their veins which comes from Mordred, they each possess very unique traits with the main sons of Mordred being the best examples:

Hienrick Von Drakenblood is the oldest of the Sons of Mordred having been turned two hundred years after Mordred himself was. Hienrick is an excellent swordsman and is so in tune with the winds of Shadow that he has never been bested in combat, so in tune with the Lore of Shadow is Hienrick that he is not fully of this world any more and has often been seen flickering in and out of corporeal state to pass through solid object. The Sons of Hienrick have inherited their fathers skill with a blade and as such are often at the fore-front of combat carving bloody paths through the enemy.

Ulric Von Drakenblood is the second eldest of the Sons of Mordred at one hundred years younger than Hienrick and for a long time it was just the two of them acting as the right and left hand of their father before Gaelen became the third of them. Ulric is a monster of a vampire standing at Six Feet 8 Inches tall with a powerfully muscled build and two large bat like wings sprouting from his back who still speaks with a Kislevian accent mixed with a growling tone. It was Ulric who inherited Mordred's strength and endurance but tainted with a lust for blood almost rivaling that of the Varghiests and the almost complete lack of any talent with he winds of magic. The Sons of Ulric like their father have lost some of their magical ability but in exchange have gained the ability to sprout wings at will or have become much harder to wound.

Gaelen Von Drakenblood, the third of the six Sons of Mordred, Gaelen is one hundred years younger than Ulric and through reasons known only to Gaelen and Ulric has a strong disliking for the second eldest of his siblings and has on several occasions comes to blows with Ulric. Gaelen could best be described as an 'average' vampire if there was every such one being both skilled in combat, necromancy, tactics and diplomacy (when the need arises). Of his six sons it is Gaelen that most takes after their father in being skilled in all that he does though he has yet to reach Mordred's level which cam come only from age. While seemingly being most like his father in all aspects Gaelen inherited best his father's speed, being far quicker in movement and reflex than any of his brothers save perhaps Hienrick. Sons of Gaelen have also inherited these traits from their father and act best as lieutenants of the forces they are with.

Tyreal Von Drakenblood Fourth of the Sons of Mordred who has drawn the short straw as such having inherited from Mordred all of his blood-lust and rage and while this makes him a deadly fighting and brawler that will carve his way through entire groups of enemies while ignoring wounds that would fell even Ulric, it also means that Tyreal and all those he has turned are likely to eventually devolve into the state known as a Vargulf or being chained within their coffins until they are needed for battle. Because of his thirst for blood and flesh Tyreal has turned many who suffer from the 'ghoul-taint' seemingly having a kin-ship with those who in their living days ate the flesh of the dead and living. Sons of Tyreal like their father thirst for blood of any creature be it warm or cold and the flesh of the living or dead, while this grants them great power in the form of being able to heal much more quickly and being more savage in combat they must be careful to keep a hold of what sanity they have.

Konrad Von Drakenblood, Fifth son of Mordred who has focused on the sorcerous abilities that Mordred's vampiric blood has unlocked and such has preferred study the winds of magic instead of focusing on the ways of the blade. As such Konrad and all those he has turned have a much deeper connection not only with Necromancy but the winds of magic in generally and as such they tend to prefer to stay back from the front lines unlike their brothers and cousins as they rain down spells and keep their undead forces marching. Sons of Konrad have a much deeper affinity with the winds of magic, not only in the arts of The Corpse-Geometries (Necromancy) but also in the schools of magic taught at the Colleges of Magic in the empire.

Khalidel Von Drakenblood is the sixth, youngest and final son of Mordred who harbors a resentment for his adoptive father remembering the night when Mordred turned him and forced him to butcher his own family to prove his loyalty. Khalidel hails from the land of Araby and as such he was taught the arts of stealth, assassination and alchemy from a young age. Combine this with the innate abilities of a vampire who is able to tap into the winds of magic, change their appearance and move more stealthily than any living creature save the elves then it makes for a potent combination of abilities for use on the battlefield and off. When required Khalidel and his sons can infiltrate enemy lines and sabotage or assassinate as required and during full open battles they are able to dash from fight to fight with a blur of blades and a flicker of their cloaked forms before they disappear into the turmoil of combat. Sons of Khalidel have a deeper affinity with the Lore of Metal due to their alchemy training from Khalidel who was trained by the alchemist-sorcerers of Araby along with having the blade skills of an assassin which can be used to deadly affect in combat.
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Ignore the previous post, didnt read the very top of yours.

Your going to have to change the history abit as you have been slightly ret-conned to be originally from Araby and using the lore of metal. Same with Gaelen actually having magic now.
Will work on the recruitment thread some more, trying to get the character sheet right along with how 'upgrades' will work when it comes to commanding troops.

So next weekend i should have it finished as im going to be busy during this one.
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