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Vampire Counts Roleplay - Interest Thread

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Who is interested in a fantasy roleplay, playing as the Vampire Counts:

Vampire Count Roleplay - Set in the End Times / Just before following the remnants of the Von Drakenblood Line after the destruction of their castle in brettonia, and the death of their 'father' and 'mother': Mordred and Elizabeth Von Drakenblood at the hands of the Lodbrok Clan of Karak Hirn and their brettonian allies.

During the final battle of Castle Drakenblood, after the death of Mordred and Elizabeth the remaining 'children' who were saved by the most unlikely of vampires: Lucian Blackheart, the 'Father' of Mordred and so the 'Grand Father' of the Von Drakenblood line.

Taking those that remained with him upon the back of Tharal-Zan his Carmine Dragon, to the Dark Lands he takes the remnants under his 'wing' and along with the Blackheart, the Shadow-Fang lines (from his other two sons) and his allies of Krom-Gar a Sorcerer-Prophet of the Dawi-Zharr he takes his force under the orders of Nagash to crack open and break the Worlds Edge Mountains and while at it get revenge.

So the rp would follow the Von Drakenblood remnants along with their 'cousins' and chaos dwarf allies fighting across the Dark Lands (Ogres, Skaven, Orcs and Goblings) before fighting the armies of the Dwarves.

I will be drawing up the 'family' free as such of all the pre-existing members of the Bloodline so you know who you can be 'descended' from as such. If your coming from the old: Crusade of Blood Roleplay, where you played as a Von Drakenblood then pm me and ill let you know what happened to your character during the Siege of Castle Drakenblood before you do your character sheet.

Im after atleast 5 Yes's before i put a recruitment thread up.

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Khalidel von Drakenblood will be making a return looking forward to it :)
Just thought I'd copy khalidels old character sheet so it's easier for me to have a hold of instead of digging through tons of old pages. Not current I'll need to add what he's been up to since the crusade. :eek:k:

Name: Khalidel Von Drakenblood

Homeland: Khalidel no longer remembers however he is originally from Marienburg.

Gender: Male

Age: 153

Appearance: Khalidel is very tall and towers over most men, he has shoulder length black hair and ice blue eyes. He has a thin scar down the right side of his face which begins above his right eye and finishes just above his chin. He wears a black dwarven chainmail shirt and a long navy blue cloak with a hood, his hand-and-a-half sword is sheathed at his left hip in a blood red scabbard while his shield is usually carried on his back.

Personality: Khalidel can be quick to anger, he is reckless and headstrong, he also has quite a diverse range of experiences across the world meaning that he is quite an intelligent man. He considers most humans mere food and below his notice when he is not feeding or using them for his own benefits. Towards other vampires Khalidel is mostly respectful unless they have sleighted him in which case he will do all in his power to bring them down, the only exception to this is Mordred who he both hates and respects in equal measure.

Background and History: Khalidel was born under the name of George Basforth and was the leader of a large band of bandits who terrorised the roads outside of Altdorf, however after a few years of raiding the Emperor sent his knights against them. The band fled towards Sylvania and the Knights stopped at the border. For the next three weeks the badits camped there in Sylvania and encountered many misfortunate 'accidents', several went off into the woods and were never seen again, some were found in their tents drained of their blood and then when only three and George remained they finally abandoned the cursed land and were arrested by the Emperor's knights, when they were trialed they were allowed to choose their own fate, they could either choose death or serve the Empire by gathering certain magical items and returning them to the Empire. George chose the latter as did one of the others, accompanied by both a warrior priest and a witch hunter they set off to gather the first few items.
During his travels he did many notable things, he sailed across the sea of chaos to Naggaroth and claimed his sword there, he then ventured deep underground into the dwarven mines and claimed his dwarven mail.

Eventually however, the simpler trials and tests of the easier magical items began to bore George and he began to seek out more challenging prospects, after three years of research the band located a mighty magical blade rumored to be the equal of the runefangs themselves, The Black Blade of Mordred von Drakenblood. They resolved to find and claim this mighty blade for the Empire, after traveling for two more years untill they arrived at their destination. After entering the castle they made their way through the castle to where Mordreds coffin lay, Grave Guard patrols were easy to evade and thankfully no vampires were around at the time. Mordred was sleeping when George entered the room and his sword was almost easy to take from its rack beside the closed coffin. While making their retreat from the castle while marveling at his good luck, George examined the amazing craftmenship and balance of the Black Blade, however because of this he did not notice the appearance of a youngling vampire crossing their path.
Both the Witch Hunter and the other bandit were dead within seconds leaving only George and the Warrior Priest, the priest managed to cripple the right arm of the vampire before having his head ripped from his shoulders in a fountain of gore. George drew the Black Blade for the fight of his life, with the perfect blade and more than a decade of traveling around the world as well as having a badly wounded foe George felt confident. The vampire however was still much faster and stronger than George and swiftly broke both his left leg and wrist but George did still manage to finish the damage the Warrior Priest started by severing the crushed arm. They both drew back wounded, the vampire licked its gore flecked lips in anticipation of its kill while George simply tried to remain standing.
The vampire lept into the air and swooped down on George whose vision was fading by the second, suddenly the vampire stopped and crashed to the floor. Somehow George had managed to sweep the Black Blade into the path of the attacking vampire and cut its heart clean in two, as he crashed to the floor George saw a black armoured figure approach.
"Impressive for a mortal" Mordred von Drakenblood hissed "I seem to need a new servant so..."

George woke as Khalidel von Drakenblood, despite the fact the Mordred is his sire Khalidel hates him for cursing him with vampirism however he hates the Empire even more so he will fight for Mordred while it is damaging to the Empire.

Blood Line: Von Drakenblood

Vampire Level: Vampire

Magic Level: 1
Vampire Lore, Gaze of Nagash

Vampiric Powers:Quickblood, Master Strike, Dread Knight

Wargear, Equipment and Mounts: Obsidian Blade, Dwarven Mail, Enchanted Shield and Extra Hand Weapon

Total Character Cost: 390
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