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Uverons Iron Warriors.

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I have decided to start a new Plog, to mark the start of my new project!

Last Month I picked up the new Forge-world book IA:13, and finaly finished the reading the Iron Warriors Omnibus. This brewed in my brain for a few weeks then I decided that I was going to start re-painting my Chaos Spacemarine army to form a Grand Company of the Iron Warriors.

At this point the plan is quite simple..

By the end of 2015 I want at least 3000pts of Iron Warriors (and Traitor Guard) fully painted.
I also want to have built a display board and have entered the 'Army's of Parade' competition.

I have a few other goals, but we will see how that goes.

Now from Jan 1st to the end of May my local GW store has a Escalation league running, so for the next 6 months I shall focus on painting up the army itself and then move on the display board.
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@Uveron It might just be contrast. It doesn't look like anything there is really bright or dark. So my eye sees the silhouette quickly, but this makes it harder for my eye to separate the surface details.
Hmm, I see what you mean.

I don't think I can do anything to fix that on this tank. it is Destined to be my back up Land-Raider for Appoc games, but will think about that problem on the next one.
The Grand Company Grand Plan! – Update 1

Once again I have been giving some thought to what my ‘final’ collection will look like. I am shooting for a good 10,000pt force. Based on the new Daemon-Kin book, making a few changes to the plan.

As such At the Head of my Grand Company I have:
The Warsmith – A Daemon Prince (of a yet undecided god)… May run as a Counts As Bloodthirster.

He has an attached Council of Advisors, and Body guards that exist outside the structure of the Grand Company. (Well make up ‘his command’)

Bellow the Warsmith we have the 3 Captains, each looking after a branch of the Grand Company.

These ‘Branches’ are known as:
- The 1st Line Company – Made up of the Astartes
- The 2nd Auxiliary Company – Made up of the Humans and Mutants
- The 3rd Armored Century – Made up of the war-machines and tanks of the Dark Mechanicum/Warpsmiths


The 1st Line Company is led by the 1st Captain and his body guard of 5 Terminators (with Land Raider Transport). Below him are 3 Platoons of marines each lead by a lieutenant.

The 1st Platoon is composed of
- Lieutenant + 5 Terminators (with Land Raider Transport).
- 10 Marines with Rhino
- 10 Marines with Rhino
- 5 Havocs
- 5 Havocs.

The 2nd Platoon is composed of
- Lieutenant + 5 Chosen (with Rhino).
- 10 Marines with Rhino
- 10 Marines with Rhino
- 5 Havocs
- 5 Havocs.

The 3rd Platoon is composed of (This Platoon is a loose Khornate Cult, and when it takes to battle Creatures of the Warp often join in)
- Lieutenant + 5 Chosen (with Rhino)
- 10 Marines with Rhino
- 10 Marines on bikes. (Broken into two Combat Squads of 5)
- 5 Raptors
- 5 Raptors


The 2nd Auxiliary Company is led by the 2nd Captain and his body guard of Disciples. (With attached Chimera Transport)

Below him are 3 Sections of Auxiliary’s each lead by a lieutenant. Also attached to his command is a core of Enforces to keep the Auxiliarys in line.

The 1st Section is composed of 1 infantry platoon consisting of 3 squads of trained men. With 2 attached Chimera Transports

The 2nd section is composed of Mutants, Slaves and Workers... {For my collection I want a 50 strong unit, but in fluff is a very varied section.

The 3rd Section is composed of 6 squads of Veterans and Grenadiers, they have an attachment of 2 Chimera Transports and 3 Valkyries
Finally The 3rd Armored Century will be a lot more loosely organized but it will be led by the Chief Warpsmith and his cabal of tecnomancers and servants, and will have 3 sections to it.
The 1st Section will be the Tank Core and will be composed on 6 Leman Russ Battle Tanks and 3 Vindicators/Preds
The 2nd Section will be the Air Core and will be composed of 3 Hell Blades (and may be a bomber of some kind), and a collection of transports including 2 Dread Claws.
The 3rd Section will be the ‘Experiments’- Daemon Engines, Hellbrutes and relic tanks.


So with all of that it builds this list of things I need to paint and collect:
Deamon Prince x1
Council of Advisors- Dark Apostles x2
Council of Advisors- Appoc formation ‘Thousand Sons War Coven’
Terminator lord x2 (One Painted, Need one other)
Terminators x 10 (5 Owned, Need 5 more)
Land Raiders x 2 (1 Owned, Need 1 more)
CSM x 60 (20 Painted, 30 Owned, Need 10 more)
Havocs x 20 (5 Painted, Owned 10, Need 5 more)
Chosen x 10 (Owned 5, Need 5 more)
Rhinos x 7 (Owned 3, need four more)
Bikes x10 (Need 10 more)
Raptors x 10 (Owned 5 More, Need 5 more)
Dead Claws x3 (Need 3 more)
Renegade command Squad. (Owned)
30 Renegade Troops (Painted 15, Owned 15)
30 Mutants, 6 Spawn. (Painted 20 Mutants Owned 10+ More, Painted 3 spawn, Owned 1 spawn need 2 more)
15 Chaos Sions (Own 15)
15 Veterans (Own 15 {I think})
5x Chimerias (Painted 1, Owned 1, Need 3 more)
3 x Valkyries (Need 3 more)
Warpsmith x 1 (Need 1 more)
Tanks of all sorts, collected as I feel like it! (Need all the tanks!)
Khonate Demons… Lots of them!
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This might be brief cause I am posting from my phone : but awesome fluff! Glad to see Im bot the only one that organizes my collections that way!

Keep it up! The stuff looks better each day, maybe get a group shot at some point too.

Hope your eye is doing better, as well.
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