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Uverons Iron Warriors.

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I have decided to start a new Plog, to mark the start of my new project!

Last Month I picked up the new Forge-world book IA:13, and finaly finished the reading the Iron Warriors Omnibus. This brewed in my brain for a few weeks then I decided that I was going to start re-painting my Chaos Spacemarine army to form a Grand Company of the Iron Warriors.

At this point the plan is quite simple..

By the end of 2015 I want at least 3000pts of Iron Warriors (and Traitor Guard) fully painted.
I also want to have built a display board and have entered the 'Army's of Parade' competition.

I have a few other goals, but we will see how that goes.

Now from Jan 1st to the end of May my local GW store has a Escalation league running, so for the next 6 months I shall focus on painting up the army itself and then move on the display board.
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So first up on the painting table was Cultists...

I do plan on using these as a base for a Renegade List, but for now they will mob-up into a Cultists Blob.

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Following the Cultists, I moved onto to paint up a Chimera and a Rhino.

I used weathering powders to make the tanks look a bit more, well weathered. I am very happy with both of them..

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And Finaly, I have my Space Marines themselves...

Using the Iron Warriors conversion kits and a number of parts from my bits-box and other older unopened box's I was able to create 20 marines

And then in a single nights painting I have been able to paint up the first 5 marines..

So next up will be a HQ choice to give me a full 'legal' army.

Additional: Before I started this project I painted up a Raptor to see if I liked painting Iron warriors, I finished up the squad after the first unit of cultists..

I built using Khorne Berzerkers and Assault Marines. I used them allot back in 5th edition, but the advent of over-watch and the lack of lesser daemons for Icon based summoning has lowered the tactical value of these guys allot... which is why they had been unpainted for 3 years and as they will not see much Table time they will work well for the test models for the army.
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The Space Marines themselves are not fully based at the moment, I have ordered some of the new 32mm bases that I will be texturing and painting and then putting the Iron Warriors on...
I like the idea of the extra space and I think it will make the army look just that bit better. (Though I do have a few slot-base models that I need to work out how this process will work, otherwise all the marines have just been supperglued on to the base so they Will/Should 'pop off')
lovely chimera!

It was quite fun to paint, cannot wait to do more... I am fighting hard not just to keep painting tanks, but without waves and waves of cannon fodder I would not be a good Iron Warriors General.

Its just a shame I have to pay for the mutants to have guns!..
These are looking good. I'm not sure if it's the lighting but they seem a bit dark/dingy, with not quite enough contrast.
Yep, I am aware of the lighting issues, don't have a great set-up yet for quick photos. But when I have a few units finished I will take some much better photos.

But as I am shooting for 'High Tabletop Quality' I am not that worried that the fine details don't show up that well....
[5] Captain Trakas

Good evening

Well, its taken me a few days to get the next unit done. But I have been aiming for a hour a night (or well mornings as I have been working nights). But finally I have finished my first HQ choice.. as such may I present Captain Trakas of the 1st Company, 1st Battalion.

The Model itself is magnetized so I will be able to switch out the the war-gear. But I decided to start with the Combi-Melta and Chainfist as it is more fitting the Iron Warriors.

I painted the base separate from the rest of the model, which is something i will be doing for all my marines. Though I will not be doing so for my cultists, as well that's a little to-much work!

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Druther have the BBoS, myself, but... like you say, magnetized!
Oh indeed, Iam saving that for the WarSmith, who also will be a Terminator Lord (I have two of the box's). So one set of arms will be kept 'as the box'. and the second will be used to round out the armory and give me options like the BBoS.
Have you considered decals? I think the bare shoulder would be perfect for one of those, but I know that many shy away from the decals, for fear of ruining their models.
Yes, I am thinking about it! Not quite sure what to put on their yet, but it is something I am thinking about.
The Iron Warriors logo is on the standard decal sheet that comes with any Chaos Space Marine box. Usually they show their emblem on one of their shoulders, to signal which legion they come from.
Oh I have plenty of the decals, but I had sort of done the logo with the silver skull on the other shoulder.. But I agree it could look quite good!
Just Finished a Hellbrute from the Dark Vengeance Kit. Will post more when more awake, and better photos have been taken (which may be a few days...)

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You have absolutely nailed the weathering and hazard striping on the vehicles. Keep it up!
Thank you, working on some cutists at the moment and then its another production round.

Iam trying to build my force in blocks of 3.

One set of Cultists (6 to 8), One Tank/Big thing, One set of Space Marines (Including HQ's, Bikes Terminators, and the like)

Should stop me getting bored, but keep the production rates up on the Cultists
So its been a week or two, this is the season for not getting much done it appears.

But I have just finished 6 more Cultists. (continuing with my painting plan of Cultists/Marines/Big Thing)

So that gives me 22 fully painted and based Cultists, one with a flamer, one with a heavy stubber (so I could run them as one large blob, or two smaller units)..

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Happy New Year!

Its the start of a new year and so far I have done very little painting, but we can blame hangovers for that.

But I was able to get up the Store today and get a few 750pt games in and get some photos of the Iron Warriors on the table.

So here we have the complete 750pt force*, as you can see I have been able to get the new 32mm bases on the Space Marines, and overall Iam very happy with the look of the whole force (*the Chaos Spawn needs a bit of a touch-up, and the Chimera is not in the current list)

The first game of the night was against some raven guard, don't have many photos of the game itself but I have some of the set-up.

Story wise, Captain Trakas of the Iron Warriors has sent a scouting force to recover a artifact for the Warsmith. The Raven Guard arrived to give battle and scupper the plans of the forces of Chaos.

We were playing 'The Scouring' and I castled-up behind some defense lines and once the loyalists got close the marines engaged leaving the cultists to hold the objective. It was a fun game, which ended in a close victory with only 15 cultists left and my chaos lord. But a win is a win.

The next Game was against an elder player, following the victory against the Loyalists, Captain Trakas established a perimeter at the 'Dark Temple' but before he could recover what ever artifact he needed a detachment of Eldar set out to stop the Captains plans.

The Eldar player brought a Wraithknight, some dire avenges in a wave-serpent and a squad of guardians, the first two turns I targeted the Wraithknight with the whole army, and finally finished it off in assault (which was every unit I had apart from 5 marines)..

After that it was just a few turns of moping up the rest of the Eldar... but it was a fun game all the same and it could have gone a very different way.

I think the army looks very nice on the table, and I hope that as the year progresses I will get more fun games in.

I also have a blog, and this post + a few more pictures can be found here - An Iron Warriors Blog
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It has been some time, since I updated this.

I have been working too much, and spending too much time playing skyim, but anyway

This my current painting table, another few hours and another 5 marines will be finished. Then the Defiler.

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Good Morning all.

Well with a bit of a push last night i was able to mostly finish three units.

Top of the list is the one I have a little more work to do on, is the defiler.

The other photos I took look bad and he does need some more earth shade wash, (and some weathering powders) but that will be in a week or so.

After this I was able to get another 7 Cultists done!

Again these may need a slight earth shade touch up (ran out of it last night), but other wise this brings me to 30 painted Cultists!)

And then finaly we have 5 more Chaos Space Marines,

I will take some better photos of the defiler after its touch-ups.
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Good Evening all,

This weekend before an Apoc game I was able to take a photo of my whole force painted so far:

Haven't done any painting since this weekend, been assembling piles of marines.. Think I have now 3000'pts of assembled troops now. (Though only 1000'pts painted). Will try and take a photo of this soon..

But speaking of the Apoc Game I managed to get a Great picture of the start of the game ( was about 12000pts aside (thought Chaos started with a good 5000pts in reserve) .. And a few more photos can be found here: Linky Goodness

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We really should do more of those kind of shots...
Thanks for the compliments, I have been trying to take a unified shot of the army each time I finish a Painting cycle.

(My Paiting Cycle, is Large Model/Space Marines/Cultists. Just finished the 4th Cycle and will start the 5th after I have finished assembling my new purchases)
As it was an Appoc Game, the best response to say is that everyone who had fun won..

But, it was a victory to the forces of Chaos. Mostly thanks to some 'random orders' that each player was given and would appear as per a reserve roll that made some crazy stuff happen. Such as..

- The Imperial Gaurd Player switching sides.. (and the Nurgle player also swiching)
- On the turn my Cultists assaulted the Titan Khone blessed my army making all my Close Combat attacks S10 AP 1..

But yes..
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