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Using the Green Tide.

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Next week, I have been challenged to an all out, "bring everything you have and we'll duke it out fest". I looked over my growing army and thought, with a few more Boyz, I could bring a Green Tide. So I hit up eBay, and have a big batch of unpainted and primed Slugga and Choppa Boyz heading my way.
So, I have been having a mooch about online to see how people are managing their Tides, and there is a bit of variety out there.
Nobz with PKs, Lucky Stikks, Mega Bosspoles, 'eavy armour, slugga and choppas, some with shootas, Painboyz and Weirdboyz a cornucopia of variations to every tide.
I've also heard of people clumping their Nobz together, or spreading them out through the formation and even acting as "body guards" around their characters.
Obviously, as I use the tide more often, it'll become apparent how best to use the formation to best effect, but I thought it would be a good idea to ask on here for some advice.
So, does anyone use this formation at all? How do you find it works best?
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I have used the green tide I give the warboss the Finnking cap to try and get the infiltrate almost the whole army up close to my opponent.
Unfortunately, there was recently an FAQ forbidding an IC with Infiltrate from joining a unit of non-Infiltrators...
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