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So this sunday me and 6 friends are going to run a campaign and I want to use my Knight with my Space marines, and I want to know based of the rules we are going to use if I can use my Knight.
Here is the rules for the campaign :
• All players start with 500 points. Starting armies must consist of 1 HQ and 2 Troops.
• The maximum points a player can reach is 1500.
HQ choices
• Cannot be a “named” Hq.
• At round 3, your second Hq can be a “named” one.
• Games are played on a 3 x 4 board, increasing to 6 x 4 if both sides are above 850pts.
• All games will be played using the standard missions from the rulebook. With the exception that the attacking player deploys second and plays first.
• Winner takes control of the opponent zone.
• Rewards apply between games.
• You may organize a game against anyone but you may NOT be more than one game ahead of your opponents.

The rounds
• 1 game a round will be played.
• The point allotment will go up every round following this chart;

Round 1- 500 pts
Round 2 - 600 pts
Round 3 - 750 pts
Round 4 - 850 pts
Round 5 - 1000 pts
Round 6 - 1150 pts
Round 7 - 1250 pts
Round 8 - 1400 pts
Round 9 – 1500 pts

Army reward

Victory points, every Victory points give 4 pts.
Games win reward, winner takes control of the opponent zone.

Warlord reward

Kill bonus, every 2 unit that the Warlord/attached unit kill.
1. -1 Sv
2. +1 Bs
3. +1 Ws
4. +1 T
5. +1 A
6. +1 W
7. +1 S
8. +1 Mov
9. +1 Ldr
10. +1 I

Up to max/min. Can be obtain twice, then result becomes “nothing”. If your SV is already at 2+, the reward applies to invulnerable save.

Games win bonus, every 2 win, gain 1 special rule of your choice, for Warlord.

Map control reward
• If you control a Sector at the end of the round, you get the Sector points reward;
• Controlling a number of zones at the end of round gives you points;

6+/ zones – 25 pts
8+/ zones – 40 pts
10+/ zones – 55 pts
12+/ zones – 70 pts

Eliminating Players / Winning the Campaign
Players may challenge another player to attempt to eliminate them from the campaign.
• Both players must be 1000pts or more
• Challenges do not count as a game but players may issue only one challenge a round, unless, the challenge is refused. You then get one more issue. You cannot issue twice to the same player.
• The player receiving the challenge may refuse, but he loses one randomly selected organisation force and his warlord loses one randomly selected reward, immediately.
• The elimination battle MUST be an Annihilation mission.
• If the challenger’s army is 150pts or more then the defending player gets to choose who sets up first.
• If the loser is eliminated, the winner of this game takes all of the loser’s zones.

The loser of this game must roll on this table;
1-3 Player destroyed – The losing player is eliminated entirely from the campaign.
4-5 Fight another day – The losing player loses one randomly selected organisation force and his warlord loses one randomly selected reward, immediately.
6 Bloody vengeance – The losing player remains in the campaign and his entire army gains the Preferred Enemy special rule in their next game against the winner.

The Campaign is won when only one player remains.

Note that if a player does not own any zone, that player is eliminated.

Map Set-up
Every player, one at the time, chooses one zone until all zones are taken.
• Zones have to be linked together.
• If the link is broken by another player, choose any opened zone.
Basically Im asking how Do knights get counted as? I forgot and left my codex at home and only have my Stats sheet with me. When Taken as allies does it count as a single Heavy? just need to know for the why we build our armies for this game

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Nope... its a special optional Allied detachment of up to 3 Knights called an "Imperial Knight detachment" that does not take up any Force Org slot and does not affect you taking additional Primary Allied Detachments and/or Fortifications. Only limitation is that the Imperial Knight detachment needs to meet the new Imperial Knights Allied Matrix requirements:

Battle Brothers:
Adepta Sororitas, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Imperial Guards (Astra Militarium), Inquisition, Legion of the Damned, Space Marines & Space Wolves.

Allies of Convenience:
Eldar & Grey Knights

Desperate Allies:
Dark Eldar & Tau

Come the Apocalypse (i.e. cannot take Imperial Knights!):
Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines, Necrons, Orks & Tyranids

PS: Ally (Singular), Allies (Plural) :wink:

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ya I realized my mistake in grammer lol, I was in a rush. So I'm just using my normal marines, so I can just bring a knight and everything works out? I was thinking for the first game I would bring 1 Captian, and 2 5 man squads and a knight

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That won't work, with those point limitations you couldn't take a knight until the second or third round (and only the second if you took a librarian and two scout squads.)

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At nearly four hundred points per knight, your points costs are going to dictate when you can field a knight. Two minimum scout squads with minor upgrades are around 130 points, making you over at 500 points without an HQ.

A base librarian and two base minimum scout squads are 175 points. At 600, you would be able to afford 1 knight and a little bit of war gear for your minimum squads. at 500 points, you can't make it.
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