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I found these two generators that are really useful for naming marines
The first one is name generator for space marines.

the other is really interesting. its called infinite lore generator and creates some fluff for a custom marine chapter, when you reload the page it creates a new one.

when i loaded the page i got

Aurora Axes
Chapter Tactics: salamanders

At the forefront of the Imperium's finest forces, march the Aurora Axes.

The Aurora Axes has a secretive fortress monastary hidden on a moon around Ogrys Prime.

A Aurora Axes attack is relentless, forcing the enemy on a defensive footing and pressuring them from all sides.

The chapter is notable for their use of Melta weapons in their campaigns against Orks

The chapter is active and at optimal fighting strength since a new Chapter Master took control.

Chapter Master
Conocifer Baci ++ killed in action ++

Master of the Watch
Luocus Severotias

Master of the Arsenal
Julorya Grimotias

Master of the Fleet
Augario Nomirya

Master of Marches
Tritorus Krituromus

Master of Rites
Pyroriah Hellibel

Chief Victualler
Avucius Thoracus

Lord Executioner
Morromer Serpentuther

Master of Relics
Julabel Tritather

Master of Recruits
Achibel Veluromus ++ killed in action ++
anyone got any other useful 40k type generators

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Heh, that's quite a nifty tool to kickstart a chapters background :good:
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