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Another Heresy first News brief!

It has just been made known to me the final roster for BL authors that will be making appearances at the US Games Day in Baltimore on August 21st.

The estimable Dan Abnett will be making a limited appearance at the BL booth. The rest of the time you can see him promoting the upcoming Space Marine DVD. We can also confirm – Mike Lee, Nathan Long, Clint Werner and the ever popular and ever shifty Gav Thorpe. For those of you who are planning to stop by or would like to come circle the date – 21 August – on your calendar. Aside from Mr. Abnett the rest of the authors have been indentured to sign the day away, so keep them busy or they start plotting.
For the last two months now, they have been keeping the two "Big Name" UK authors under wraps. But it looks here that the two are Dan Abnett and Gav Thorpe.


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