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So I'm putting my IG army together, which isn't easy, given my obsession to convert every miniature I own. It's all unpainted, but might be worth a look. So here it is:


Lieutenant and sergeants:


Special weapons:

HWTs with autocannons:

Elysian veterans


Leman Russ:

More photos, letters and words regarding all things I posted are in my blog. And any feedback you guys might have is welcome. :)

UPD1 - Some vehicles:


These can be also assembles as Hydras

Or as a Manticore

Destroyer/Thundrer. The main gun is magnetised.

UPD 2 - More reinforcements incoming:

TERCOS veterans

Chimera for the command squad

And a vehicle that will require some homerules to field on the gaming table - a Medevac Centaur.
I've got some written along with a poll on their adequacy, so if you'd like to help, just follow the link :grin:

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Amazing work. What tools do you use for sculpting? The line indentations on your armour segments are crisp and smooth, I'm ultra jealous.

Also, where did you get those pretty power axes for the sergeants? They're friggin' perfect sized.
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