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This is one I wanted to share as I may build it again in the near future. It had been built and played about 2 years ago and did pretty well. Anyway, its one of my favorite army list ideas. What was fun about it was each of the Aspiring Champions were represented by the cults special character. Made a great visual (though at the time, I had to convert Lucius). Also as far as army composition legalities. You obviously can't get 4 cults into one army as elites. But you can split your chosen. So one part of my Chosen is the retinue for my Death Guard Lt. and the other part of my Chosen are representing the Emperors Children.

Demon Prince
D Stature
D Flight
D Aura
D Mutation
D Strength
D Talons
D Visage
Personal Icon (for the furies)
Furious Charge

5 Furies

Nurgle Lt.
Terminator Armor
Nurgles Rot
Nurgling Infestation
6 Death Guard
2 Meltaguns

7 Plaguebearers

6 Emperors Children
4 Sonic Blasters
1 Blastmaster
Aspiring Champion
Lure of Slaanesh
Combat Drugs

6 Demonettes

8 Khorne Berzerkers
Khornate Chainaxes
Aspiring Champion
Rage of Khorne
Talisman of the Burning Blood

8 Bloodletters

9 Thousand Sons
Aspiring Champion
Power Weapon/BP
Inferno Bolts
Bolt of Change

9 Flamers of Tzeentch

****This would end my 1850 point list. To make it my 2000 point list:****

1 Defiler
Blasphemous Runes

Anyway, thought I'd share. It is fun and wierdly it was effective. The 1k Sons and Emperors Kids would provide Fire support for the Death Guard and Berzerkers. The Demons would wreak havoc as well. And the Demon Prince I gave talons and flight to so that he would match his undivided demons as they flew in to the fray. So, enjoy! :)

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I really like It, not too sure on the talons on the DP though, he's Ignoring armour saves anyhow so you could save the points maybe towards Infiltrate on the nurgle unit to utilise the meltaguns range?
Great fluffy and fun list! :D

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It's...interesting. I'm not sure how well it'd work. My experience is that multiple marks really don't work well together. From a modelling standpoint, though, it could certainly be an entertaining army to build.
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