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I've been listening to Mortarion's Heart and it's been an eye opener in a way I didn't expect.

Ever since I knew his name back in the mists of time I've pronounced it Mor - tar - ee - on. However in the audio book they pronounce it Mort - air - ee - on. Wow, just wow. 25 years of pronouncing it wrong. :grin:

Therefore I wanted to get peoples thoughts on some of the other tricky pronunciations:

Is Sanguinius pronounced San - gwin - ee - us or san - gween - ee - us or something else entirely?
Is Perturabo pronounced Per - ta - rar - bow or per - tor - a - bow or something else entirely?
Is Vulkan pronounced Vul - cun or Vul - karn or something else entirely?
Is Jaghati pronounced Ja - gar - tie or Jag - a - tie?
Following the pronunciation of Mortarion, is Alpharius pronounced Alf - air - ee - us or Al - far - ee - us

So many names, so many pronunciation problems :grin:

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My opinion is probably worthless, but I'll add my 2cents. I have a horrible track record with pronouncing things, so maybe you should look at how I say it and avoid using it.

Mortarion? MOR-tare-ee-on.

Sanguinius? San (sort like sand without the d)-gween-ee-us (short u, like up)

Perturabo? PER-tur (like turn without the n)-uh-boh (like bow-ties).

Vulkan? Vul-KUHN. Like the Star Trek ones.

Jaghati? I don't even try. I just look at it and I know what I'm reading. Thankfully I don't bring his name up much in conversations.

P.S. I'm an American from the Pacific Northwest. Your pronunciation of the word examples I gave may differ.
Thanks and no-one's opinions are worthless :grin: I've not actually heard anyone pronounce Perturabo like you so again, all these years thinking it's one way and you've proved it can be pronounced differently. :grin:

When I started out in the hobby as a kid it seemed like I got the majority of words wrong :biggrin:

Tyranids: Tie-ranids
Schaeffer: Skaeffer

I've forgotten all the others but I'm sure they'll come to me

I pronounce Sanguinius - Sang-gween-ius
Perturabo the first way you suggested
Alpharius the second way you suggested
Ahh now to me Tyranids is Ti (pronounced like tid to rhyme with lid but without the d) - a - nids so thats another one I've got to query with myself now. :grin:

Schaeffer for me is shay (to rhyme with gray) - fer
Thanks for your input on the others, I always thought it was San - gwin - ee - us like in the word Sanguine but equally I can see how it's San - gween - ee - us too :grin:

Ok, time to mess up some word, I'm from south-east America, please forgive me.

Note: a capitol letter mean I am actually saying the name of that letter.

Mortarion.... mort-air-E-N
Sanguinius... sAng-win-E-S
Perturabo... pert-er-a-bo
Vulkan... vul-can
Jaghati... jag-hate-E
Tyranid... tir-an-id
Schaeffer... sh-A-fer
Ghazghkull... gaz-gull
Astartes... a-star-Tz
C'tan.... ca-tan
Abaddon... ab-a-don
Carnifex... k-R-n-a-f-X
Yarrick... yar-ik
Guilliman... gil-a-men
Iyanden... I-an-den
Sam Hain... sam hAn
Khorne... k-or-n
Slaanesh... sla-ne-sh
Tzentch... Z-n-ch
Nurgle... ner-gul
Gue'vesa'la... g-we-ve-s-a-la
Shas'ui... sha-z-we
Shas'Vre... sha-z-ver
Oh man I don't even try with the Tau words :grin: For me Abaddon is A - bad - un but I'm definitely supporting the cuh - tan pronunciation rather than see - tan. I've not heard the jag - hate - ee pronunciation before so that's opened my eyes. The others I pronounce like you even tho I'm from the UK :grin:


I couldn't help myself.
Oh man, I'd not even thought of these. :laugh: I have no idea how to pronounce skitarii although when I'm reading my mind reads it as skit - are - ee but I realise that's probably wrong.

Cataphracti in my mind is cat - a - fract - eye but again I have no idea if that's right. :grin:

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They would?

As for up to the 70's, everyone I know born prior to the 70's calls it footy. Christmas Truce? Call football. If you mean as an Oxfordism, then yeah, "Soccer", a bit like "Rugger", for Rugby, or "Redders" for Red Hot, or Fiver for Five Pound Note.

Thing about all of these? They're slang.

In America, it's language, and not ironically spoken.
Yeah it's footie for slang or football for non slang. Soccer is only ever spoken by REALLY posh people like David Cameron and they're not normal :grin:

Anyway is Soccer pronounced sock - er or sew - chair :wink: Sorry couldn't resist as I saw a TV program with a comedian pretending to be a US commentator who was unfamiliar with football and so pronounced it sew - chair! :grin:

I totally forgot about Roboute Guilliman - he's another corker to pronounce. To me it's row - boot gull - i - man but I've heard the row - boot - ee gwee - lee - man as well :grin:

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They would. Why do you we Americans call it soccer? Because we like being different? It's the same reason why we use imperial.

And ask your 80 year olds and ask what they called "football" in their youth or what most people did.
We use Imperial too in the UK. Miles, pints, yards, inches, feet, pounds and ounces. We even have an extra imperial measurement you guys don't. We have a stone which is 14 pounds. I've never understood why the US uses Imperial but forgot about the weight measurement above the pound. :laugh:

I've checked with an elderly person and it's been known as football by "normal" non posh people for at least the last 90 years.

Anyway..... back to topic :grin:
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