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Undead army, good for a new guy

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So I have never played warhammer fantasy but I'm thinking of starting. How is an undead army for someone who is starting fantasy. I heard that tomb kings are a hard army to play so I'm not sure.
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I had thought about going for ogres but the new undead rules and fluff sound really interesting. Also I really like the new models. I also like the sounds of having loads of necromancers summon even more undead while the rest march on silent. The thing is I know nothing about the rules, I played a demo game at my local GW but I'm just wondering are they going to be one of those armies that take a long time to get good at. I'll start by buying the nagash book and getting ideas from that, afterwards I'll probley get the tomb kings and see what there like.
I had thought about ogres, but their model line is so small, doesn't look like there is much room for different builds. But when I look at the undead I see two armies which seem like they have loaf's of different builds. I'm not going to be super competitive when I first start as I want to get used to the rules first. I just don't want to start an army that will be too complicated to play or will see be crushed every time I.but my models on the table.
@Vaz Thanks a million for that rundown in the army. Can the weakness of the tomb kings be nullified with the addition of vampire counts. From what I read, vampires are extremely strong and tough. People recommend you go archer heavy and troop heavy with the tomb king half while getting the elites from the vampire counts book. What do you guys think.
Thanks for the comments lads. What I'm thinking for a list is to go with a super beafed up vampire and a tomb king that is beefed up as well. Then for troops throw in huge blocks of skeletons ( archer and melee) then for elites have the vampire units like blood knights and grave guard. Then for have catapults and that big massive tomb king thing that can "cut a dragon in half", also a casket of souls. People keep saying it's a auto include, why?
That sounds like an awesome deathstar. I've also heard people say that tombkings are good for archer heavy hoards or calvary hoards. What do you guys think.
Alright that's great thank. One final question, what do you think of Nagash and the new special characters.
So would you recommend nagash for a newcomer and is he worth is massive points.
Thanks a million Vaz and everyone else for the comments. One of the reasons I love Heresy :biggrin:
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