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Undead army, good for a new guy

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So I have never played warhammer fantasy but I'm thinking of starting. How is an undead army for someone who is starting fantasy. I heard that tomb kings are a hard army to play so I'm not sure.
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Both armies require you having more stuff than your opponents, they aren't hard to learn providing you have a firm grasp on the rules. However that being said they require allot of bodies to be played well.

So if you're on a budget or aren't a fast painter you might not get the full fun out of the army.

Since you're just starting out in fantasy I'd personally recommend starting with ogres, they're tough, easy to paint, and you don't have to spend allot in order to get a large force.
Undead are weird since they don't follow the same rules as everyone else for Psychology or for losing combat, as well as being able to raise models to replenish your losses. They rely on magic and either combat for VC or shooting for TK, but primarily magic and the buffs you can get from it. They're also fairly good at wars of attrition due to large numbers that can be replaced when lost and they never run away, but against a strong combat opponent they're going to lose models faster than you can replace them. Both armies are fairly slow, and rely on the General to be able to move worth a damn and/or cast magic.

I'd add a vote to this - Ogres are very easy to play (for me, too much so - I got bored of Step 1. Cast Gut Magic Step 2. Charge very quickly), although I'm not sure that they're significantly cheaper than any other race due to the cost of their characters and the number of basic Ogres or Leadbelchers you want. Ironblasters are dirt cheap for GW models though, and they're amazing, as are Mournfangs who are *fairly* cheap per point as I remember so it all depends on army build.
With ogres two battalions boxes and a special character is all you need for a legal army. You just have to take a few minutes and plan out how to efficiently use what you get.

Since You're going to have maybe 20 models with a 1500 - 2000 point list learning the nuances of the game is easy with them, in the mean time you can spend the time working on the army of your choice while still having an army to play.
The vast departure of rules and the vast advancement of the fluff (as opposed to filling in an event in history) suggests otherwise - rules for having several similar buildings placed together suggests fortifications, conjoined stats for Monster and Rider, new spell-lores available universally...

End times has some awesome combinations - Necrotects/Tomb Kings in units of Grave Guard for Frenzy, WS6 and then giving them all +1 to hit, for example.

Bear in mind that taking Undead Legion precludes you from allowing Tomb Kings and Princes in chariots to join other units of Tomb Kings Chariots as that particular special rule allowing that refers purely to Tomb Kings armies, but it's so weak and one trick pony (in a meta that has at least 3 cannon type effects in most armies anyway), along with the rest of the army being so poor that I've yet to see anyone play it competitively. Its spell lore might be a bit more powerful now with some capable units backing it up, and the weakness of being unable to raise new units effectively heal etc is now gone.

Edit - and ignore reaper. 20 models is about 700pts for Ogres. Their biggest weakness was cost effectiveness in the past, but 8th edition made 2000pts harder to achieve.
It was a rough estimate and I guessed low.

Sue me.
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