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Undead army, good for a new guy

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So I have never played warhammer fantasy but I'm thinking of starting. How is an undead army for someone who is starting fantasy. I heard that tomb kings are a hard army to play so I'm not sure.
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Ahhh. TK can now march if they're in an Army of Undeath. But that requires, as is said, a lot of extra money put out. The not dissolving due to heirophant death is very important now. Also depends on if you're using the new End Times point spread.
Remember, officially the End times book changes army construction to 50% lords, 50% heroes, 25% minimum troops, 50% special, 25% rare, and you don't need the book. it just happened.
Go for Ogres and use the Butchers to summon undead. There, you're good :)
Undead also no longer crumble anywhere. You don't need to be a legion army to do it, the rules addition of the End Times says it's gone, I think. I'll have to check at home.
1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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