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Undead army, good for a new guy

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So I have never played warhammer fantasy but I'm thinking of starting. How is an undead army for someone who is starting fantasy. I heard that tomb kings are a hard army to play so I'm not sure.
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Undead are weird since they don't follow the same rules as everyone else for Psychology or for losing combat, as well as being able to raise models to replenish your losses. They rely on magic and either combat for VC or shooting for TK, but primarily magic and the buffs you can get from it. They're also fairly good at wars of attrition due to large numbers that can be replaced when lost and they never run away, but against a strong combat opponent they're going to lose models faster than you can replace them. Both armies are fairly slow, and rely on the General to be able to move worth a damn and/or cast magic.

Since you're just starting out in fantasy I'd personally recommend starting with ogres, they're tough, easy to paint, and you don't have to spend allot in order to get a large force.
I'd add a vote to this - Ogres are very easy to play (for me, too much so - I got bored of Step 1. Cast Gut Magic Step 2. Charge very quickly), although I'm not sure that they're significantly cheaper than any other race due to the cost of their characters and the number of basic Ogres or Leadbelchers you want. Ironblasters are dirt cheap for GW models though, and they're amazing, as are Mournfangs who are *fairly* cheap per point as I remember so it all depends on army build.
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Remember, officially the End times book changes army construction to 50% lords, 50% heroes, 25% minimum troops, 50% special, 25% rare, and you don't need the book. it just happened.
Really? I thought Undead Legions was for normal games but the 50% Lords bit was one of the End Times Campaign Rules.

If so, then... well, not a big deal - I seldom spend more than 25% on Lords and 25% on Heroes anyway, because you win through having blocks of infantry that don't run away, not on having a couple of really killy characters. There are just too many ways to kill characters easily.
@Vaz Thanks a million for that rundown in the army. Can the weakness of the tomb kings be nullified with the addition of vampire counts. From what I read, vampires are extremely strong and tough. People recommend you go archer heavy and troop heavy with the tomb king half while getting the elites from the vampire counts book. What do you guys think.
Undead Legions lets the army March, removes Crumbling when the general dies, and removes the necessity of Lore of Nehekhara. Those alone solve huge issues for TK, meaning that there's very little point using the TK book (pretty much restricted to those who have a burning desire to use Apophas or Settra or whatever other bad characters there are).

For an Undead Legions list, honestly I'd be more tempted to bring Vampire Counts, with Screaming Skull Catapults and the odd Tomb Prince for MWBD on Ghouls or something, plus the obligatory Casket of Souls and a Hierotitan if you can afford it (I'm not sure on the wording of the Hierotitan's +D3 to cast, but if it stacks with the Mortis Engine then you could do something really silly there). Chariots seem pretty good too.
* March still only within 12", and doesn't improve for Large Target though. You're going to want your general in a fast unit, and fast flankers to be Flyers or Vampiric.
Yeah, but a 12" bubble is pretty large, and it's the fact that you just can March, rather than having to cast some spell to do it with. It has limitations, sure, but it's better in every way than TK's current rules.
@Creon - I thought that was just an Undead Legions rule, but frankly I'm not sure why you *wouldn't* bring Undead Legions anyway, so it's kinda moot.
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