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Alright, since we're in the realm of uncompetitive, I think you'll like something I've been kicking around that is very similar.

Have you considered using the sorcerer on the palanquin instead of the lord? You're only 4 instead of 5 wounds which is not as big of a difference as 2 vs 3. You get instant death from your force weapon so you can pop other big bad characters with ease. Your psychic defense is better. And don't forget the best of all: iron arm!

The biggest problem with this setup is the lack of fearless so the obvious retinue choice of cultists is out, unless you're using the Helcult formation that is ;). Luckily your plague marines are fearless.

Chaos Sorcerer: nurgle, palanquin, daemonheart, level 3, spell familiar, force axe, power sword, horns, sigil, melta bombs - 270

Although I suppose the smart thing to do would be to just use your existing setup, have the sorcerer roll on biomancy and join the plague marine unit the turn it disembarks before casting its buffs. But you miss out on warp speed, iron arm, force and/or wound regeneration on your bloated throne of nurglyness.
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