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I played a game the other day against an ultramine player with my brand new Chaos army. Here is what happened;
Note: Sorry for spelling as i'm writing this review in a rush and from the top of my head.


Marneus Calgar w/ Armour of Antilochus - 265pts
5 Assault Termintors w/ Thunder hammers - 200pts
10 Marines w/ Chainsword & Bolt pistol, Missile, Flamer - 170pts
5 Scouts w/ 5 Sniper rifles, Camo Cloaks - 90pts
Landraider w/ Extra armour, Multi-melta - 275pts
Total - 1000pts

Sorcerer w/ T-armour, Gift of Chaos, MOT - 175pts
5 Termintors w/ 2 Powerfists, 2 Combi-meltas, Champion, Heavy flamer - 205pts
10 Chaos Marines w/ x2 Meltaguns, Champion & IOG - 195pts
10 Chaos Marines w/ x2 Flamers, Champion & IOK - 205pts
2 Obliterators - 150pts
2 Rhinos - 70pts
Total - 1000pts

Marines won the roll of and went first. It is a normal game (standard deployment and annilation - i warned you about spelling) and he deployed his termintors and Calgar in the landraider on his left with the marines on the far right. the scouts hid in the large building. Chaos jsut deployed both Rhinos...behind a building.

Marine Turn 1
The Raider moved forward 6" and the mariens moved up 6", then running another 4". The Raider and scotus shot at any Rhino they could see hoping to get thoguth there cover saves...and the scouts did. They stoped it moving next turn with a Penetrating hit.

Chaos Turn 1
The other rhino moved 12" and both poped smoke...thats was it.

Marine Turn 2
The Landraider moved another 6" hoping to pop the Rhino and the Marines moved to the runis on the right and ran again. The Scouts did nothing this turn and the Landriader could only stop the Rhino from moving for a turn.

Chaos Turn 2
The Obliterators arrived and landed 6" infrount of the Landraider and blew it up with there Twin metlaguns after being JUST in half range due to the Twin bolter from the Rhino helping judge the distance dispite not being able to do anything. The other Rhino forgot to move however :ireful2:

Marines Turn 3
Calgar and his Marines charged into the Obliterators after the marines had finaly set them selves up in the Runis with the scouts doing nothing again. Tho Calgar and his termintors completly destroyed the Obliterators they did make 10 out of there 15 Invunrable saves of +5 and even take out 1 Thunder hammer Termintors with them.

Chaos Turn 3 - Calgar is boned
The Sorcerer arrived landing right in frount of Calgar and casting Gift of Chaos and rolled a 5 turning Calgar into a jibbering wreak of a Chaos Spawn. Luckly he wasn't in bace combat so he did start attackign his former marines. The other Rhino drove forward firing Boltguns from it's hatch and it's own while the Termintors, Sorcer and Rhino unleased there fire power and the Marine player had to cry as he fialed 3 saves leaving him with 1 Termintor left...to boltguns!!! It carryed to get worse, as the Spawn attackedn the termintors and yet another 1 was rolled and the Spawn ran on leaving his fellow marines in several peises.

Marine Turn 4
The Marines left startign shootign like crazy at the rhino closing in but could do nothing to it. the Scouts to aim at the spawn but could only wound it once.

Chaos Turn 4
With the rhinos dealign with the Marines now the Termintors headed to the scouts as did the spawn. The Rhino with flamers let lose several blasts of flame killing 3 marines in the inferno and 1 more the the combined fire power of the Rhinos and more boltguns from the other. The scouts faired better as the all to accurate fire power of the Temrintors seemd to be tempory as none hit and the Spawn rolled Snake eyes to charge not getting close enoguth to charge

Marines Turn 5
The Marines shot at the flamer rhino agian hoping to atleast shake it so it couldn't fire those flamers but only stoped immoblised it. The scotus did nothign the the Termintors.

Chaos Turn 5
The rhinos fired there flamers, Meltaguns and bolters from hatched and mounted weapons killing another 2 marines and the Termintors finished of the last group of scouts finaly being able to hit stuff killing them all giving the Spawn nothing the charge :mad:.

Marine Turn 6
Angry the Marines broke cover and charged the Rhino and wreaking it unleashing the furry of the desiples of Khorne inside.

Chaos Turn 6 - Last turn
Almsot no shooting was dones as Chaos wanted to take them out the old fasioned way however the sorcerer wanted to make one more pet but only rolled a 2 to turn his sergenat. The resulting combat was a blood bath as 1 Chaos Marien was killed but the entire unit was killed for the Maines Tableing him.
Chaos Win
Kill points
Chaos - 5
Marines - 2 (Tabled)

It was a very good game and my oppoents suggested that i create a lsit of everyhting i have turned into a spawn with Calgar being the first. I said yes aslong as we could have a rematch latter on as the dice liked me for a change. This battle could have gone the other way if Calgar hadn't been turned and would have most likly ended in a closer game.

hopfuly i will put more time into the rest battle report.

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Nice battle report thanks for sharing :D
I think though it was kind of wrong to bring Papa Smurf, a Land Raider AND 5 Terminators to a 1000 Points battle, Predators, more Mariens and Vindicators could have been much better in my opinion.
But otherwise awesome! Always likes to see Smurfs losing :D
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