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Ultramarines... in the hands of chaos!?

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Well at the official release of apocalypse yesterday at my local GW store to celebrate the event so to speak the manager had some raffles, one of which was giving away the featured ultramarines chapter from the 3rd edition codex(or so i was told since ive only been doing the hobby for little over a year) got quite a bit too, pretty crazy how well done the IC's and command squad is well heres what i got, not sure of exact names though since i dont have the dex in front of me

Command Squad
-5th Company Banner Bearer
-Company Champion
-2 Vets

5x Terminators
-Missle Luancher/Pod

10x Veterans
-Missle Launcher

5x CC scouts

4 10xTactical Squads
-Missle Launchers/Flamers

10x Devistator squad
-4x Missle Launchers

7 Marine Bikers
-Melta gun

6 Rhinos

Dont mean to be rubbing it in your guy's faces if i am but im just happy xD usually have rotten luck with winning that kinda stuff but this time around won some really nice models! would post pics but this new set up still doesnt like my pictures T_T
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They're going into a display case for now, hey wraith think i can do something where i email you the pics of them to put up? page still not liking the sizes or something from my comp. The command squad really is is impressively painted
Good for you, man. It's always a great boost to win raffles, especially GW retail store raffles. I've won two raffles, the tiny one being an old IG Hellhound and the big one being a full 4x8 snow terrain table complete with the entire store stock of snow terrain additions. Won it in a raffle at a GW store when I stopped in and received a ticket on a whim. Alot of regulars wanted my blood, but it still sits in my garage and enjoys use. Tables of that nature can go for hundreds if not thousands...
Definately a nice win on the table man
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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