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Ultramarines 2nd Company ever growing army

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I'm building an Ultramarines army, starting from 500pts, then 1000pts, 1500pts and finally 2000pts. I'm not in a hurry to achieve the top points, cause I like to take my time on painting, and I have many side projects ongoing.
I'll show each unit one by one on each post, with an explanation of the painting process and markings.
I hope you like them!! Any advices for improving will be welcome ^^

First unit, HQ, Chief Librarian Varro Tigurius. Not really the first miniature I painted for the army, but first character I paint since a long time. Not very proud of the cloth ,still not used to paint it. Also, first freehand of my life :D
Maybe I'll repaint it or buy another one and try a different technique on the armor and cloth.

You can find this and other miniatures in my Tumblr page, http://leonhart040.tumblr.com/
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Time for some troops. This is the first new kit of tactical space marines I paint since a long time. I was done in a quick way, only to play. Basically it's drybrush+drybrush+glaze, not a great paintjob I fear :( I'll fix them later maybe.
Also it is the first squad where I use numbers and icons of squad and company. After reading the old Insignium Astartes and comparing it to the infromation in the new codex, I thought I could work a bit more on them and show some markings.
I also applyed this to an old rhino, and put some LED in it. I'll explain it in another publication.

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@friar76 All symbols are freehad, except the Ultramarines symbol (except the on on the banner). I'm trying to paint all the symbols from now on, decals are great, but freehand gives some personality to a miniature.
Thanks for the :good: :D
Sure :D I have a Rhino and an Land Raider with LEDs on it. But first the Rhino...in a moment ^^
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Quick update with Rhino VI pics. This rhino is the one assigned to tactical squad VI, and comes with full battle markings: chapter, company, campaign,...
In addition, it's one of the most elaborated vehicles I've made, all doors can open and close, even top ones. Tactical squad symbol is made of plasticard and all the weathering is made to express a feeling of old, and ancient machine with years of duty.
The front can be lifted to see the wiring and the battery, I'll post a picture later.
Questions? Opinions? :)

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