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Hi all,

I am a very average painter and currently painting up my ultramarine Landraider. so far I have got a base coat (on the blue bits) of Mordain blue.
I am looking to highlight the edges a bit and also apply a wash to emphasize this.
what wash do you recommend and what should I use to highlight?

thanks in advance

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...what wash do you recommend....
Are you looking for a clean or battle-scarred look?

Clean - I suggest watered down Midnight Blue

Dirty - my old friend Devlan Mud

...what should I use to highlight?
Depends on how sharp you want the highlight.

For a really sharp highlight - Enchanted Blue

For a less hard highlight, maybe Ultramarine Blue

If you are feeling like trying something a little more advanced you could paint an edge highlight with a 50/50 mix of Mordian and your highlight colour then highlight the extreme edges again with a thinner line of just the highlight colour.

My other suggestion is highlighting then washing to draw it together; otherwise the contrast becomes really extreme.
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