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Much better :victory:

Only thing I'm not certain on is the Rhino for the sternguard. I would rather have a razorback. I mean think about it, a lot more fire support and you can stil tranport your sternguards.

you could also replace the assault squad for another CC terminator squad with TH and SS. A lot more survivable than the assault squad, but at the expense of a lack of speed, unless you deep strike, but even then you have to footslog from there. Not that dangerous really, I've never had any problems with it. You just have to be tactical with it.

Avenger could be good, but remember sternguard excel at long range with their SIA, so gate could help keep the enemy away so you can fill them with bolter fire.

Vindicators are heavy fire magnets, it's good to run them in pairs.

Obviously I'm nit-picking, but still, it would make the list stronger, long as the points are there...
21 - 21 of 21 Posts