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My game, Ultra Coins, launched on Kickstarter two weeks ago. It is fully funded. The coins you see below are made from solid brass, are two inches in diameter, and have an epoxy coating over the artwork. The common side of the coin has a raised tip which allows the coin to spin. This creates the random element instead of dice.

One of my goals in creating Ultra Coins was to have a game that did not require dice, markers, pen/paper, etc. You could have stack of coins in your pocket and play on any hard surface.

Every coin has a different character with unique stats and special abilities. Coins represent a powerful individual or a force of soldiers. The photos you see of the actual coins are the initial prototypes. The final version will have an inner ring with the special abilities as shown in the artwork.

Several people have reviewed the coins and they have gotten great reviews. If you are interested in reading more, you can visit my kickstarter site listed below. Thank you.

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