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The above is a photo of the actual coins.

We just launched Ultra Coins on Kickstarter. Ultra Coins are two inch coins made of solid brass. On the common side, there is a tip which allows the coin to spin. You stop the coin with your finger and use the first fully visible number to the left of your finger.

There is no game board, no dice, no markers, etc. You just need your coins to play.

Coins represent a player’s army which is comprised of soldiers and creatures from fantasy, science fiction, and horror. A coin can represent a force of soldiers or a powerful individual. Some coins are stronger than others or have different abilities.

The game mechanics are simple but there are strategic elements that add depth to the game. For example, your Soldier coins battle other Soldier coins. However, each army has a Spellcaster. A Spellcaster is not directly involved in the battle but can be used to increase their soldiers attacks or enhance their defense. A Spellcaster will eventually run out of magic so you have to use it wisely.

Our goal was to create a game that you didn't have to think too hard, but was challenging enough to be fun.

On our Kickstarter page, you can see a video on how the coins spin and read additional info on the game play. Thank you.

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