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Ulthwe Wraithknight conversion by Awaken Realms

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Recently we had the opportunity to create an Ulthwe-themed Wraithknight, converted to have a kneeling pose and placed upon a winter-themed base.

It was a really nice project, and it came out nicely – visit our gallery and take a look at the pictures below – pay attention to little details such as Ulthwe-characteristic pattern, visor and soulstones!

How do you like our approach to Ulthwe?

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Very nice contrast between the black/bone scheme and the purple gems. Not to sure about the pose though, looks more like he is tripping over that rock instead of kneeling on it scince he seems out of balance. The kneecap should have been converted to take the weight of it onto the rock instead of the shin and the other leg should have been more bent and placed closer to the models center of gravity.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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