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Hi folks, im selling some stuff on ebay, so thought i owuld post up some links and picture here.

They are all on buy it now or closest offer. And i will consider any offers made.

The main thing in the list for sale is my fully painted an converted kustom battle fortress, its painted to a good standard and has detachable turrets so could easily be adapted for other ork super heavies.

The next lot is a set of the miniatures from the hobbit town set, all on sprues except the goblin king who is assembled, bases are included. Also includes the limited edition radagast.

A set of dwarves from the Battle for skull pass, mssing a few dwarves and includes an additional dwarf lord, partly painted.

A second set of Dwarves from the battle of skull pass, full set with an additional dwarf lord, mstly just undercoated.

A set of 20 metal scouts with two sergeants armed witha powerfist and power axe. fully painted in custom scheme.

A set of mercs USCR dice and cards not included.

A set of 19 old bretonnia archers, painted and includes custom movement tray

A set of 29 Bretonnia men at arms including full command, painted, includes movement tray.

Thanks for reading
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