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Anyone participated in this event?


Special Prizes for the Warmachines-Hordes UK Championship from Privateer Press
Most Tournament Points for each faction

Best Painted Army

Painted Army Raffle
Privateer Press UK Masters (Warmachine/Hordes)

Now in it's fifth year, Privateer Press are sponsoring the two-day tournament to find the best WM/H player in the UK!
The tournament will follow the Steamroller 2010 format and armies will be 50 points. In brief, players will battle over two days in 100 minute games with timed turns. Players are allowed to bring two army lists - these must be submitted to the organisers for scrutiny before the first round. The tournament will follow the 'swiss' format.
The Steamroller rules pack is available from http://privateerpress.com/community/organized-play/warmachine-and-hordes
Those bringing HORDES armies are to use the latest MKII Field Test stat cards. The latest HORDES stat cards are available for download via http://privateerpress.com/company/hordes-field-test-model-update-0
Please note that players should print out the cards they require and bring them along to the event.
Themed forces are allowed providing the relevant theme has been published. Merc players may use the theme list available for download from Privateer Press at: http://privateerpress.com/company/blood-and-coin-mercenary-contracts-for-mk-ii

Painting Competition

Please leave your force displayed and clearly marked with your name, during the Lunch break so that judging may take place.
Painting, Modeling, Proxies and Conversions:

Privateer Press encourages players to have a fully painted force on the table.
Proxies (substitute models) are not allowed under any circumstances. This also means a player cannot enter a tournament with a model that has not been released in stores.
All models used must be Privateer Press models. Conversions (modifications to Privateer Press models) are acceptable as long as they are clearly based on WARMACHINE-HORDES models and do not have added or changed weapons. Conversions must represent the model from which they are most obviously drawn. Mixing and matching warjack weapons is not allowed. Trading a sword for a sword is acceptable, for example, yet an altered Haley model is not a substitute for a Sorscha. To avoid confusion and conflict, we recommend players have an unaltered version of the model available in case a judge asks to remove a questionable model from play. It is up to the tournament judge to make a final call on any particular model.

Judging & Sportsmanship:

The objective of tournament play is for everyone to have a good time. Players are expected to be courteous and patient with their opponents and the Judge. Players are expected to accept all rulings made by the Judge whether or not they agree. The Judge always has the final word on rules questions or debates.
We assume that all players are good sports and understand fair play. If there is a dispute, simply call on the judge to assist. Players should strive at all times to be mature, polite, and fair to their opponents. Failure to do this may result in a Strike. Each Strike accrued will cost a player 10% of their total tournament score for the Tournament. Three Strikes accrued ar a single event will result in the player being removed from the event.
A Judge may award a Strike for any incident deemed unsporting. This included but is not limited to offensive or abusive conduct, bullying, cheating, constant rules arguments, stalling game play and other immature actions. Players must do their best to play in a timely manner. If stalling is suspected the judge should be called on to speed up play. it is important to remember that a Judge is free to award a Strike to both competitors of a game if the situation warrants. In some minor cases a Judge may elect to officially warn players once for any given indiscretion. Repeated offenses will incur a strike.
A Strike may also be awarded for incorrect or illegal army lists or failure to bring along all the necessary materials required to play in the Tournament. If a list is discovered to be illegal after the start of the tournament, the judge may elect to disqualify the player from any winnings or awards.
Players will be able to secretly vote to reward the player they felt to be the best Sportsman.
I'm really interested to see how it matches up to the former glory of the GW GT.
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