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I have for sale a complete Dark Angel force, which about 50/50 painted and unpainted, but all at the very least undercoated Black (except Librarian+Commander+dreadnoughts fist+2 SGT's)

it consists of
A Plastic DA Commander (Converted with 2xLightning claws)
A Plastic Librarian (converted from several parts)
4 Tactical squads (3 with meltagun and fist SGT, 1 with Plasma cannon+flamer and Power weapon+Plasma pistol SGT)
10 slightly converted scouts (5 BP and CCW, 4 shotgun, and converted SGT with power weapon)
A slightly converted Dreadnought (with Twin-Linked Lascannons and storm bolter fist)
A 10 man Devastator squad (with 4 missile launchers)
A slightly converted predator (with Lascannons turret, and Heavy bolter sponsons)
and a GW £30 case, altered to fit this force

there in a good condition, there color scheme is a slightly altered Disciples of caliban scheme, so there easy to paint into normal DA's, or full disciples, or anything else you want.

thats about £220-250 worth of stuff, and I'll sell it all for £100, Cash in hand, or Cheque, BUT Cash would be greatly GREATLY preferred.

I will put up pictures tomorrow, since my Cameras batteries are dead at this moment in time, but its up here so you know about it.

I will only be able to deal with people from the UK I'm afraid, and please note I live in the Midlands, in the Telford area, so my travel to far off places like London and Scotland and wales etc, is severely limited

here are the pics as promised

the dreadnought DOES have a Forgeworld Mortis twin-linked Lascannon arm (and still on sprue Close Combat Arm), its just when I took the pic I forgot to put it on, and I'm not in the mood to do it again, but it does have one

will also consider trade for unpainted and unmade Plastic Cadians and Empire and bretonian bits (heads and decorations mainly, and the unit champion upgrade sprue from the previous Version of the Empire soldiers) to the value of £100
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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