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Hey there!

I'm super new to the 40k fandom, and despite being really shy I'm really excited to be here!

Although I am looking to get into the model-making side of things (yay sculpting!) I'm primarily an artist (ish), and i'm looking to draw much, much more 40k artwork in the future, as well as getting involved with any RP going as I love creative writing.

In terms of preferred armies, i'm not entirely sure who to collect yet, as i'm currently just absorbing delicious lore and fluff like a sponge before I make a decision. I do have to admit though I like daemonettes, and I reckon I could do a pretty good job on converting the Masque of Slaanesh. Only time will tell though, and i'll be sure to post all my adventures in sculpting and painting.

Feel free to drop me a message!
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