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Uh Hai i guess

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New to HO.net not new to the game =D

Cya around :)

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What a welcome :D

Anyways yeah I've been thinking, I may buy the Cadian storm troopers w/respirators from FW and change the list to have all Storm troopers. Any ideas on that?

Also little question: Whats Reputation and votes?

EDIT: Thanks, for the comment on the sig :) I'd make you one if you so wished :D


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Oh ok, so does it start at 0 when you first register?

It's a great idea it's like the Karma function we have over on my regular site.

So more Rep = good right?

Thanks for that, you got yourself some now :p

Why thank you :D I one thing i've found out while i've been here is it's a really friendly atmosphere, well done on that!

1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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