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This is one of my favourite Tyranid conversions. She was inspired by someone else's work, I forget who. If you've seen a model around similar to this, then its most likely to be that.

Without further blathering on by me:


A size comparison. As you can see, it is an absolute beast. Well, Is uppose it's supposed to be. After all it IS a Monstrous Creature.

A back view of the extended tail. THe other pic's don't do it justice. I know, the muscle on the end is plain retarded, but it's too late for me to change it.

Sorry I can't get more pics, my Dad's camera is somewhere in his office, and I took these ages ago. The model is base painted at the moment. I'll see if I can post more pic's once she's done painting.

Cheers people,


If anyone wants to use this for APOCALYPSE, this is the datasheet. Just be sure you don't claim it's yours.

Gargoyle Overlord
Points: 205

The Gargoyle Overlord was first encountered on Ichar IV, where the Raven Guard of the Adeptus Astarted attempted to halt a full-scale Tyranid invasion. Waves of symbiote organisms numbered beyond counted surged forward and began to thin as the Marines stood their ground and cleansed the xenos with purifying fire. As the horizon became visible and a new hope dawned, dark silhouette's eclipsed what remained of the spore-choked skies.

Formation- 1-5 Gargoyle Overlord's
Type: Monstrous Creature
WS 4
S 7
T 8
W 6
I 4
A 4
LD 10
SV 3+

Weapons/Biomorphs: (all included in profile)
Pair of Scything Talons (attacks included in profile)
Rending Claws
Extended Carapace (bonus included in profile)
Acid Maw

Implant Attack at +30 Points

Special Rules:
Monstrous Creature
Synapse Creature
Agile (see Codex: Apocalypse)

Only a Tyranid army may take a Gargoyle Overlord.

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Thats an interesting concept of having of having a larger gargoyle creature. Though I really feel a Flyrant is just to similiar and for its points cost is cheap(by about at least 70 points) My points comparison is based off a building a Flyrant with the same biomorphs and it still doesnt have the same buffed up stat line. The toughness 8 should be toned down I feel. toughness 8 for me is a gargantuan creature. Its hard to make new creatures for Tyranids that something else doesnt already fill (though I love people that keep plugging at it cause it inspires and howfully we will get something unique and awesome) I like the conversion work done too! Great model and inspiring fluff.
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