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2250pt Game between the Forces of Chaos.


Daemon Prince
Daemon Lieutenant (Exalted Champ)
2x 9 Rubric Terminators w/ Sorcerer
2x 9 Flamers of Tzeentch
2x Defiler w/ IF, MoT
1x Land Raider w/ MoT, Daemonic Possession

Papa Nurgle's Pathogens

Chaos Lord w/ Flight, Daemon Weapon
1x 7 Chosen of Nurgle w/ ugly weapons
2x 7 Nurgle Marines w/ CCWs and 2 Meltaguns
1x 7 Nurgle Marines w/ CCWs and 2 Plasmaguns
1x 14 Nurgle Marines w/ CCWs and 2 Plasmaguns
1x Chaos Dreadnought w/ all goodies
1x Chaos Pred Annie w/ all goodies
1x Chaos Destructor w/ all goodies

Deployment: I win the roll and he places first. One Pred Annie out in the open. Then I place a defiler hidden behind a building. His next placement is his other Predator. Another Defiler gets place, though there is not enough cover to conceal it. He places his Dread behind another building and I place my Land Raider in front of my Defiler, blocking sight. He places his Chaos Lord and I then place my Daemon Prince and Lt, as the rest of his army will be infiltrating. He sets up all 35 marines within 19" of my deployment and we start the game. Nurgle wins first turn and takes it.

As luck would have it, I should have hidden that Land Raider. The Defiler was out of range of the Pred's Lascannons, but not the Land Raider which immediately gets blown sky high. Lovely first game appearance by the Land Raider. Must be possessed by the 'WRONG" Daemon. His units move up a bit, but are not able to make any assaults. This leads to the assault by my Daemon Prince after some rather lack-luster shooting by the Defilers. A few marines go down. The Daemon Prince does better, removing 3 of the 7 Chosen with Winds of Chaos, and then assaulting the rest to remove 3 more before the sole remaining Chosen Marine gets to strike back. Now, I find out that this dude carries a sword that can instakill if a 4+ is rolled after any unsaved wound. Sounds like a force weapon to me, but makes me very nervous as he does manage to score one wound. Luckily I do save on my 5+ Daemonic Aura save.

Turn two shows a steady advancement of his army, though lines of sight are blocked by buildings and rocky outcrops (nice table for getting up close and personal). Still, the only shot available is at the Defiler once hidden by the late Land Raider. Sadly, for him, the shot fails to penetrate. A squad of Nurgle Marines jumps in to help out the Chosen against my Daemon Prince, only to be ignored in favor of stopping the Chosen from using that damned weapon again. No wounds are caused against me, and I roll all of my attacks at the original unit (that lone Chosen Marine.) The combat stalemates after his death. On my turn, 1 squad of Rubrics arrives, and boy is this a fun fun thing, as they land right in the middle of the board, between both of the Predators, and about 21 Nurgle Marines with dual Plasma and Meltaguns. Oh, happy day for Tzeentch! Fortunately, between the Defilers and the Termies, about half of those Marines are dispatched before they get the chance to retaliate. The Daemon Prince mops up all but one of the Nurgle marines in combat. Now, my Daemon Lt, all this time has been on the other side of the board playing peek-a-boo with the opposing Chaos Lord. Both have Flight, and both are ready to get it on. He actually charged me in his turn, but we both only managed to deal one wound apiece. In my turn, he fluffed his rolls, while I did just what I needed to do, and forced another 2 failed saves, thus ending the reign of this 'Lord' before he received the daemonic blessings of his Father Nurgle. The Lt. done good!

The rest of the game goes much the same. The Daemon Prince finished off the lone Marine and then charged into the Pred Annie, blowing off a main weapon and immobilizing it, thus ensuring that I received 6 penetrating hits on the next turn. The Lt. carried on into the only undamaged unit of 7 Nurgle Marines, turned one into a spawn, and then proceeded to tear the rest of the unit apart with the help of his new adjutant. At the end of the 4th turn, having received only one unit of termies, and one unit of flamers (the others were still in reserve), Papa Nurgle only had one Nurgle Marine, one Destructor, and one damaged Pred Annie left to represent him. I had lost only the Land Raider, and 3 Rubrics (and one wound on the Lt.), but had gained a Spawn. The game was called.

The rework of the Nurgle list has already begun, and I expect to see much more in the way of bodies, and in the way of ranged firepower and speed in his next list. For the moment, at least, my list will remain the same.
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