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I have the following Chaos Army for sale. All built and nearly all unpainted. Good looking army needing a good home. I'm looking for $225 including all the leftover bitz (and there are a LOT!) + shipping, which is over 50% off retail with everything that was purchased to create this:

Chaos Codex

Sorcerer on 40mm fantasy disc (partially painted)

Plastic Terminator Lord

10 new Possessed

20 Tzeentchy Marines (these have been converted with Chaos bitz and plastic Dark Angels robes, 2 painted)

Rhino (no doors, as I planned on using the forgeworld doors all else is complete on it)

16 Thousand Sons, 2 Sorcerers (a couple basecoated black), these have had enough metal bitz bought for them to complete the whole squad with their metal bolters, shoulder pads, and loincloth'd torsos.

6 Tzeentchian Raptors (one basecoated), these are the robed marines above on Discs of Tzeentch (the metal OOP ones), I also have a few extra Discs should be enough to make 10 of them

1 Obliterator (painted)

4 new Plastic Spawn

I also have tons of bitz for Dark Angels and Chaos from making the Tzeentchy marines, tons of Chaos Legs, Torsos, heads, you name it and a mass of Dark Angel signature Veteran bitz as well. This is a great deal for someone looking to get into Chaos with pretty much a full list for cheap.

You can find pics here:
http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v355/blkdymnd/Chaos for Sale/

PM me here or email me at [email protected]
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