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Tzeentch - 1500pts

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I have spent a while creating a 1500pts list for each god(and undevided) for something i can aim for with various armys and was considering toing my Tzeentch army at some point. I wanted it to be nice a fluffy hence some of the odd desions. I also wanted to keep combat troops to almsot non-existant levels and tzeentch don't tear your voice box...they fill it with holes.

Ahriman - 250pts
9 Chaos Terminators w/ 9 Combi-meltas, 3 power fists, Champion, Icon of tzeentch - 355pts
9 Thousand Sons w/ Asp-Sorcerer, Bolt of Change, P-Icon - 274pts
9 Thousand Sons w/ Asp-Sorcerer, Bolt of Change - 269pts
Vindicator - 125pts
Vindicator - 125pts
Rhino w/ Extra armour - 40pts
Rhino w/ Extra armour - 50pts

Total - 1498pts
I really wanted Ahriman for this list as i wanted him to jump out and blast tanks with 3 bolt of change per turn or something of the like...or lots of Chaos Spawn! *Kheeee!!:eek:k:*
The Vindicators are very much my anti-tank with Bolt of Change dealing with lighter armour. My T-sons can pop out of the Rhinos and fire there Bolt of Changes of(upto 5 per turn!!!) and will lend down fire support. They will only ever leave the rhinos if the have to and Ahriman will also try to stay in a rhino for protection.
The Terminators are both anti-mech and my combat troops sicne they are the only onces even capable in combat. I will be using the P-Icon's on Ahriman and the other Asp-sorcerer to bring them in without problems. I wanted 9 as anyone seeing 9 terminators with 4++ saves will scare people and 9 is the sacret number so i had to have 9. Personally i think it's very fluffy however i know i WILL be outnumbered in almsot every game but with lartge amount of magic, EVERY SINGLE MODAL able to blast out atleast AP3 weapons i shoudl be fine....as long as i'm not agianst Orks or Tyranids and then the numberes might beat me. Opions?
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oke is it just me or do the points in the list of your post dont make any sense? 1 rhino is 40 points the other 50 while both have the same equipment.

@ supersonic banana - this a fluff list right? so why obliterators i thoughed thousand sons hated mutation's and obliterators are one of the most mutaded of them all exept for spawns of course. would you care too explain that?
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