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Tzeentch - 1500pts

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I have spent a while creating a 1500pts list for each god(and undevided) for something i can aim for with various armys and was considering toing my Tzeentch army at some point. I wanted it to be nice a fluffy hence some of the odd desions. I also wanted to keep combat troops to almsot non-existant levels and tzeentch don't tear your voice box...they fill it with holes.

Ahriman - 250pts
9 Chaos Terminators w/ 9 Combi-meltas, 3 power fists, Champion, Icon of tzeentch - 355pts
9 Thousand Sons w/ Asp-Sorcerer, Bolt of Change, P-Icon - 274pts
9 Thousand Sons w/ Asp-Sorcerer, Bolt of Change - 269pts
Vindicator - 125pts
Vindicator - 125pts
Rhino w/ Extra armour - 40pts
Rhino w/ Extra armour - 50pts

Total - 1498pts
I really wanted Ahriman for this list as i wanted him to jump out and blast tanks with 3 bolt of change per turn or something of the like...or lots of Chaos Spawn! *Kheeee!!:eek:k:*
The Vindicators are very much my anti-tank with Bolt of Change dealing with lighter armour. My T-sons can pop out of the Rhinos and fire there Bolt of Changes of(upto 5 per turn!!!) and will lend down fire support. They will only ever leave the rhinos if the have to and Ahriman will also try to stay in a rhino for protection.
The Terminators are both anti-mech and my combat troops sicne they are the only onces even capable in combat. I will be using the P-Icon's on Ahriman and the other Asp-sorcerer to bring them in without problems. I wanted 9 as anyone seeing 9 terminators with 4++ saves will scare people and 9 is the sacret number so i had to have 9. Personally i think it's very fluffy however i know i WILL be outnumbered in almsot every game but with lartge amount of magic, EVERY SINGLE MODAL able to blast out atleast AP3 weapons i shoudl be fine....as long as i'm not agianst Orks or Tyranids and then the numberes might beat me. Opions?
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TBH, Katie is right, regardless of whether he can cast 3 times. He really isn't worth the points.
The model is great, but Ahriman just doesn't perform on the field.

This is coming from someone who hasn't used him. But I've seen him used a few times... and he just doesn't make a big enough impact on the game for the points... Unlike a Daemon Prince or similar
HQ -

Sorcerer - 200
Termie Armour, MoT, BoC

Sorcerer - 185
Termie Armour, MoT, DoomBolt, WoC

Elites -

7 Terminators - 260
5 Combi-Melta

Troops -
9 Thousand Sons - 309
Asp-Sorcerer, Bolt of Change, P-Icon, Dedicated Rhino

9 Thousand Sons - 309
Asp-Sorcerer, Bolt of Change, P-icon, Dedicated Rhino

Heavy Support -

Predator - 130
Autocannon with LasSponsoons

Predator - 130
Autocannon with LasSponsoons
Another list for you to Ponder your Tzeentchian brain over. Forgive me if it's useless. I'm a Khorne Player, I'm crap with Psy!

NB: Sorc's with Termies to make that 9!
NBB: Forgive my double post. :p
Hmm, Good call matt, i never think about Objective games when i make list!! :( Maybe that's my downfall...

The main problem i have with 1.5k Tzeentch lists (besides me not liking Tz) Is that Thousand sons are really expensive point wise, 2 troops of Khorne Berserkers costs like 500 points, including transport.

Whereas Thousand sons is tipping 700 with Rhino Transports, Loosing 200 points, which is enough for a valuable HQ or Heavy Support!
Only reason i put them to 7 was so the sorcs could go in there and make it a 9 again.
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