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Aside for the termis being a massive point sink in only a 1500 point game, I think the could turn out to be very hard to use. Don't get me wrong, I can see them being very capable with such a large squad, and very survivable with a 2+/4+ save, but I think any half decent player will be able to work out a way to avoid them.

I am sure they would be able to take down whatever their first target is, but how are they ment to get to their next one? Due to the size of the squad even raiders aren't an option.

I can see them denying your opponent of one objective, but it leaves you with little else to capture and defend other objectives with. And remember the lack of mobility pretty much rules out any chance of being able to table the other player, so this will be a major issue.

And I do appreciate that this is not an ultra competitive tourney type list, but I am really wondering of ot would be capable of winning, ever.
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