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Tyrant's Legion Kill Team

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Using this army list, I really think Marauders, the pulp mercenaries of 40k, can be a very fearsome killteam.
The squad cost a dime, has a inbuilt special rule that grants them eithr extra equipment OR extra rules, they have MEQ WS and I, 2 attacks base...the sarge is a 2 wounds beast, with lots of equipment options...
Also, they can have a Chimera transport and can add "evil ogryns with Rend" to the squad, for the extra punch (in the guts). Moreover, in kill team, their only downside (In it for the money) is completely bypassed.
I think they can be visually magnificent. Elitists, dirty and nasty, they can make for some spectacular conversions.

So here it is my Marauder Kill Team "The Ghoul Pack"
Specialization: Hereteks (carapace armour and krak grenades for everyone)

Marauder Chief
Power Sword
Bolt Pistol
Refractor Field

3 Marauders

1 Specialist Marauder "Hyena Plissken"
Sniper rifle
- Preferred enemy

1 Specialist Marauder "Adolf Lundgren"
-Ignores Cover

1 Specialist Brute "Sludge"
-Eternal Warrior

Chimera APC
Autocannon turret
Heavy flamer hull

-200 pts on the spot

We have a 4+ save all around, frag and krak grenades, a big beasty with Rending and 3 wounds, horde control from Chimera, monster hunting from "Lundgren", generic long range support from "Hyena", while the boss is just a bad boy, able to cut a marine in half and never feel sorry.
Any suggestion on how to improve this? I think I am in love with those bad guys.
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I like this list!

I have two squads of the guys with Stealth for this type of game.. (and for Appock). But the set-up is about the same.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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