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Following the release, I was able to obtain two of these kits. One via purchase and the other via a business related favour (no BJ, I just built a display case for the store owner :p ) so in lieu of putting all my eggs in one basket I decided to build one of each.

Forgive the somewhat shitty quality, it didn't occur to me to get the photo before I undercoated the things.

The kit allows the construction of either a tyrannocite or a sporocyst with mucolid spore. Either variant also leaves you with six spore mines to play with.

Of interesting note is the amount of parts you get that are not essential to the look of either creature. For example, notice on the tyrannocite I have not included to top five claws? The groove where these attach is quite open and blends well with the rest of the model, so I left those claws absent. Likewise there are numerous tentacles that attach to the underside, but only five of the larger ones are essential to keep the creature attached to the base.

Another nonessential is the spore chimneys along the length of the carapace, notice they are not present on the sporocyst. I did this for two reasons, one being to make the model slightly different from future spores to be added to the army, and two because each spore chimney is a separate two part piece to be assembled and attached. Having just built the tyrannocite I couldn't be fucked to do all that again especially since it seemed unnecessary to the look of the creature.

The unpainted critter to the far right is something I knocked together out of the spare bits from the tyrannocite variant. The mucolid head, plus four of the unused top claws and two of the unused large tentacles. I have no plans for this thing yet, it will probably just end up as an objective marker.

One last thought, I was initially skeptical about the balance of the tyrannocite, it seems that it would be extremely top heavy with only four small attachment points, but thus far it has held together quite well and seems reasonably sturdy, so long as it is not given rough treatment it should be fine.

Any thoughts? :) I'll post pics of the paintjobs once they're done, and will try to get a small scale game in soon that includes both so I can write up a performance review and maybe some tactica.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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