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Went to my gaming club and had a game against JDCaesar - that's his user on Dakka Dakka btw so people can associate him with a online personality.

Tyranids "Hive Fleet Krakken" - 2,000 points


Hive Tyrant - bonesword & lashwhip, devourers, old adversary, acid blood & wings


2 x Hive Guard

2 x Hive Guard

2 x Zoanthropes w/ Myceptic Spore


5 x Warriors - rending claws, deathspitters & toxin sacs

14 x Termagants - fleshborers

14 x Termagants - fleshborers

20 x Hormagaunts - toxin sacs

20 x Hormagaunts - toxin sacs

Heavy Support

Trygon Prime - adrenal glands

Trygon - adrenal glands

Trygon - adrenal glands

Total: 2,000

Space Marines - 2,000 points


Chaplain - terminator armour


5 x Assault Terminators w/ Land Raider - 5 x lightning claws - Land Raider w/ extra armour

Dreadnought - extra armour, multi melta & storm bolter

Dreadnought - extra armour, twin-linked lascannon & storm bolter


10 x Tactical Marines w/ Rhino extra armour - plasma gun & missile launcher - sgt w/ teleporter homer

10 x Tactical Marines w/ Rhino extra armour - meltagun & missile launcher - sgt w/ teleporter homer

10 x Tactical Marines w/ Rhino extra armour - flamer & missile launcher - sgt w/ teleporter homer

Fast Attack

3 x Land Speeders - heavy bolters & assault cannons

Heavy Support

Vindicator - siege shield & extra armour

Game: Seize ground & pitched battle


I won the roll off and chosen to go first. Objectives were placed one in tower ruin, other in factory ruin, one at the fort of the fortress one in the basilica ruin and the final one between two ruins in open ground.

I deployed putting my Warriors as close to the tower ruin as I could. Next to them was a unit of Termagants, Trygon Prime hiding behind a normal Trygon and Hormagaunts hiding behind those. I put one unit of Hive Guard in a centre ruin and the others just inside the factory ruin with some Termagants behind them. In betwen the factory ruin and centre ruin I put a Trygon with the Tyrant hiding behind it and Hormagaunts hiding behind the Tyrant. Zoanthropes obviously in reserve ;)

JD deploys his Space Marines splitting them into combat squads. One squad takes the basilica objective and auto claims it as 3" away, the others take up position in ruins along his deployment zone. He deploys his Vindicator by the basilica ruin with a supporting multi melta Dreadnought and melta combat squad in a Rhino. The flamer combat squad in a Rhino deploy behind the basilica looking to come down my left flank. Plasma Rhino deploys on it's own middle of the board behind terrain, Land Raider deploys by the open ground objective with the lascannon Dreadnought on my right flank by the side of a ruin.

Ojbectives are the guns from Planetstrike games btw ;) You should see them easily.

JD managed to seize the intiative but he still took second turn; would this pay off?

*Tactical Notes

My threats to the army on the board currently in the Vindicator. If I move up in this turn I'll be putting myself in range and it can target a good chunk of my army - I'll nail it with Hive Guard, though it will be a push. Failing that I'll send a Trygon at it, I need to go that flank to claim the objective so I'll use the bulk of the Tyrant and Trygon to tackle the Dreadnought and infantry while I swarm the Marines (once popped out the tanks) with Hormagaunts, then seize than objective. I'm going to move both Termagants towards objectives and the Warriors too; one unit of 'Gants and Warriors should get objectives first turn. The Land Raider will have to wait for Zoanthropes to come in.

Turn 1

I move both Hive Guard through terrain getting them closer to the walls of the ruins but trying to keep them out of LOS best I can. I run both Termagants towards objectives, one claims the factory objective while the other doesn't move so much and ends partly in terrain but not enough to claim cover saves. Warriors run and claim tower objective. I keep the Prime, Trygon and Hormagaunts on my right flank still, I don't want to move then up and then have Terminators assault me out the Land Raider - they can come to me! I move the Tyrant, Trygon and Hormagaunts on my left flank only 6" with the Trygon taking cover behind a statue.

Shooting I score weapon destroyed on the Vindicator - that will no nicely! That's my turn done.

JD's turn sees him moving all Rhinos at crusing speed popping smoke on all of them, he didn't need to on the plasma one because the central fortress gave it cover. Land Raider moves 6" while the lascannon Dreadnought moves out.

Marine shooting phase sees a few dead Termagants which are going to the fortress objective; JD didn't have much like with dice here. Land Raider and Dreadnought pop two wounds of the Trygon with the Trygon Prime.

*Tactical Notes

Ok not a lot of shooting from me, but I've really only got two units to shoot first turn anyway! Hive Guard did the job of taking the Vindicators only weapon, it's useless now besides tank shock shocking. Only threats to my hordes are missile launchers but I should be cover next turn. The Land Raider and las Dreadnought are annoying, need to assault the Dreadnought and pop the Land Raider, providing the Zoanthropes come in - if they do I'll send Hormagaunts at the Terminators.

Turn 2

Zoanthrope arrive from reserve and land in front of the Land Raider though scatter a small distance.

I move the Trygon with the Tyrant forward to assault the multi melta Dreadnought, the Tyrant moves up to assault the melta Rhino or the squad inside if I pop it. Trygon and Trygon Prime don't get good run moves so I leave them where they are along with the Hormagaunts for a counter assault. Termagants move forward and claim the fortress objective, I keep most in cover so I will get cover saves this time.

Shooting Hive Guard unleash fire but the Rhino the Tyrant is by only gets weapon destroyed first salvo but second salvo pops it. Tyrant fires at the squad inside with devourers and paroxysm doing some damage. Zoanthropes fail a psychic test and take wound, other fails to hit the Land Raider and board side of a barn for that matter!!

In assault the Trygon charges the MM Dreadnought and rips off it's power fist and immobilises it and receives no wounds back, combat rages on. Tyrant assaults the combat squad with the supporting Hormagaunts moving in also, Tyrant wipes them all out before the Hormagaunts make a swing as they moved through the wreckage. The Tyrant consolidates into the basilica ruin.

JD calls for reserves on his triple Speeder unit but no luck.

Movement he moves the Land Raider up and disgorges his Terminators ready to assault my Warriors on the tower objective, this should be fun! Plasma Rhino moves behind Land Raider. Flamer Rhino moves 6" towards Hormagaunts ready to unleash some fire! Vindicator moves through terrain ok and attempts to tank shock the Tyrant! Tyrant just moves out the way thanks to fearless being a synapse creature.

Shooting turn combat squad in the basilica ruin fire at the Tyrant but do no damage. Flamer from the Rhino blasts out but falls just short, bolter fires and kills a single Hormagaunt though. Missile combat squad rain down frags and bolter shots on Termagants but they pass cover, other missile combat squad fires krak and bolter shots at the Warriors and manages to insta-gib a Warrior. Plasma open fires at the Zoanthropes killing one, lascannon from the Land Raider insta-gibs another.

In assault the Trygon smashes up the MM Dreadnought, it consolidates into the basilica ruin. Terminators move up the ruin and assault the Warriors, Warriors go first as Terminators don't have frags, Warriors tear it up with rending claws and toxin sacs killing two Terminators if I remember right, three Warriors left and one with a single wound after Terminators unleash lightning claws with re-roll to hit and to wound thanks to the Chaplain also.

*Tactical Notes

Ok I'm starting to swarm the basilica with a Trygon and Tyrant in there, the small squad inside won't last long but the Vindicator needs taking out just because it's there. Take out the flamer Rhino as they can attempt to take that objective, once they are gone nothing on that flank to touch me. On the other side of the board the Terminators have played into my hands, they have got themselves out that nice armour 14 tank which I cannot crack now so good and waiting to backup the Warriors are two Trygons and 20 Hormagaunts!

Turn 3

I run the Trygon and Trygon Prime around the ruin, the Prime is set to assault the Land Raider to stop this lascannon annoyingness and the other can assault the Terminators with Hormagaunt support. Other unit of Hormagaunts move up ready and hopefully to assault the contents of the flamer Rhino, Tyrant moves ready to either blast the Rhinos exposed rear of the Vindicators side armour. Trygon stands by ready to assault the combat squad on the basilica objective. Single unit of Termagants move up partly onto the fortress while claiming the objective; not sure the point in this really, ah well! I wanted my models on that cool piece of scenery to boo ya!

Shooting turn Hive Guard closest to the flamer Rhino unleash a salvo and wreck the Rhino, nice ;) Other Hive Guard go to fire at the plasma Rhino after cover saves only score weapon destroyed. Trygon blasts squad on the basilica objective with bio electric scoring a single kill. Tyrant fires devourers at the Vindicator immobilising it.

In assault Trygon fails to climb the tower ruin and get into the fight, Hormagaunts have more luck and get stuck in. After the dust has settled the Chaplain is wounded and a single Terminator is left but I've only got a single wounded Warrior left. Trygon Prime wrecks the Land Raider - no more lascannons! Tyrant wrecks the Vindicator and the Hormagaunts tackle the flamer combat squad taking a single wound but wiping out the entire squad except the SGT who falls back.

In Space Marine turn objectives are called and fail to come in.

Single SGT falls back as within 6" of my Tyranids, falls back 9". Another 9" and will be off the board. Plasma squad bail out the Rhino and move onto the fortress building in the centre.

Shooting the plasma squad fires at the Termagants and kills four, I still claim that objective and that squad is too far away to assault but it doesn't matter as they rapid fired. Squad on the basilica (yes i forgot to assault them!!) blast the Tyrant but it only takes a single wound from a krak rocket to the face. Trygon Prime gets shot at by the Dreadnought but passes cover, kraks do more damage knocking it down to four wounds.

In assault the Chaplain and single Terminator are wiped out. Hormagaunts consolidate off the tower.

*Tactical Notes

Ok balls up 1. I forgot to assault the combat squad in the basilica ruin with the Trygon. Doesn't matter because they haven't done a lot and will be dead next turn. Balls up 2. I put Termagants on the fortress building which got them shot and putting them in LOS, god knows why but they remain and claim the objective.

Next turn I'll get rid of that combat squad on the basilica objective, chase off that SGT so he doesn't regroup and send the Hormagaunts after that plasma squad in the fortress and use the Trygons to tackle the Dreadnought and now empty Rhino so it doesn't contest the open ground objective. If the Hormagaunts win combat I'll consolidate them onto or towards the open ground objective. Just need to tackle those missile lanucher combat squads then.

Turn 4

Units in my deployment zone are now out of synapse range. I test for a single Termagant unit and two Hive Guard, all fail. Not a problem as all units are in terrain anyway.

In a attempt to eliminate all enemy models I fly the Tyrant out of terrain (passes test ok) towards the two missile combat squads, he's got three wounds and there isn't enough fire power to kill him. I move the Hormagaunts up the basilica ruin and they claim the objective settling on the first floor. Trygon Prime moves through the wreckage of the Land Raider ready to assault the Dreadnought, other Trygon moves onto the Land Raider wreckage too either cna assault the plasma squad or the mobile Rhino, which hasn't moved.

Shooting the Hive Guard in the factory ruin fire at the missile combat squad in the basilica ruin, they do nothing. Other Hive Guard unit fires at the empty Rhino, nothing. Remaining Warrior goes to fire deathspitter at a missile combat squad but just out of range. The Trygon blasts the squad in the basilica ruin with bio electric scoring a kill.

Assault the Trygon this time gets into the fight takes no wounds and wipes out the squad, Tyranids now claim that objective. The Trygon consolidates to the ruin ground floor. Hormagaunts are out of range of the plasma squad, Trygon goes for them instead wiping them out and consolidating towards the missile launcher combat squad in the centre ruin Marine table side. Trygon Prime charges the Dreadnought it takes two wounds from a power fist and one from dangerous terrain when moving to assault leaving it with one, but it immobilises the Dreadnought.

JD's triple Land Speeders finally come in, using the only teleporter left they appear by the falling back SGT, who falls back 2" away from the table edge.

Not a lot of shooting from Space Marines. Speeders empty assault cannons at the Trygon but only score two wounds. Both missile squads fire at the incoming Trygon but it takes no wounds.

In combat the Trygon Prime and Dreadnought duke it out which sees the Trygon take no wounds and the Dreadnought loses it's power fist!

*Tactical Notes

I've got to say Dreadnoughts really do piss me off. I think I give armour 12 less credit than it's due, I rate it vehicles but don't think much of Dreadnoughts - god knows why! Anyway, Dreadnought has my Trygon tied up, I wanted it toast so I could tackle the missile launcher squad close by.

My plan now is to sweep the Tyrant towards the missile launcher squad in the centre ruin Marine deployment zone, wipe them out. Use the Trygon to smash the Rhino which hasn't moved so it cannot contest the objective and use the Hormgaunts to claim that objective. I'll use the other Trygon in the basilica to chase off that SGT and those Land Speeders are easy targets being in a squadron. If all goes to plan I should claim all five objectives!

Turn 5

Synapse tests Termagants and Hive Guard in factory ruin pass but other Hive Guard fail.

Trygon slithers over towards the Land Speeders while the Hormagaunts move through the basilica to be on the top floor same level as the objective. Tyrant moves 12" towards the missile launcher combat squad while the Trygon moves to tackle the rear armour of the Rhino with bio electric. Hormagaunts move over the Land Raider wreckage I lose two after failing dangerous terrain tests. Hive Guard move out the factory ruin as no threats to target them and to get into range of enemy units.

Hive Guard in factory ruin have no targets in range, other Hive Guard goes to fire at Rhino but does nothing. Trygon fires bio electric at rear armour of Rhino and does nothing. Tyrant blasts missile squad with devourers and leech essence, kills a single Marine but fails to get a wound back.

In assault Trygon wrecks a Land Speeder, two remaining and stuns one. Trygon rips up the Rhino and the Trygon Prime only scores crew stunned to the Dreadnought.

Space Marines turn the solo SGT finally falls back as within 6" of my Trygon. The Land Speeders hold position.

Shooting missile launchers blast the Trygon which popped the Rhino, I think it takes a single wound, could the wrong may not have taken any. Land Speeders blast the Trygon but nothing.

In assault the Dreadnought finally gets it's armour cracked, the Trygon Prime consolidates towards the missile squad on the right flank.

*Tactical Notes

I thought those Land Speeders would have moved so at least need 4+ to hit, looks like next turn easy kills then, hopefully. All there is to do now is get those Hormagaunts to claim the last objective and polish off the two missile squads and Land Speeders.

Turn 6

I roll for turn six and the battle rages on.

Movement turn I get the Tyrant and Trygon into the centre ruin ready to chow down some Marines. Trygon Prime moves 6" to the base of the building on the right flank ready to blast 12 S5 at the missile squad. Hormagaunts move through dangerous terrain again but luckily I lose none and claim the final objective.

Shooting the Trygon and Tyrant blast the missile lanucher squad with fire, I cannot remember how many kills doesn't matter as they assault and wipe out that unit. Trygon Prime fires and assaults other missile squad, wipes them out. Trygon assaults the Land Speeders makes one explode and the other immoblised, vehicles in squadrons become wrecked if immobilised.

Tyranids win claiming all objectives and wiping out the entire Space Marines force - D'Von get the tables!! (those who used to watch WWF around 2000 - 2002 will know what I am on about!)


Ok that went well, again target priority is how you get things done. By taking out that Vindicator my hordes and monstrous creatures were safe. I just had to take on the left flank and get the job done, which worked when the Dreadnought fell and both Rhinos were opened up and squads inside destroyed. My plan of letting the Land Raider come to me paid off, the Warriors kicked some ass in combat but with Hormagaunt support those Terminators were diced up. After that just a course of getting that last objective and using my big monsters to tackle small 5 man Space Marine squads lol.

Couple of mistakes of mine. One was forgetting to assault with the Trygon, never mind no damage caused. And putting the Termagants on the fortress building, pointless to do that and it let them get shot - should have just left them. I think that was about it. Tactics wise I kept the Trygon Prime hidden behind the supporting Trygon and Hormagaunts too, they both would get cover this way. I split the large Termagant unit I usually take into smaller ones, this worked for objectives games though acid blood on the Tyrant was a waste, again, I'll probably do 2 x 15 Termagants as 30 is just too big.

JD's list wasn't too bad, he said he needed to tweak it and we discussed a few changes. His problems IMO is the single Land Raider as for other armies it's easy to take care of. Lightning claw Terminators maybe be cool but they don't last, thunder hammers survive longer and cause just as much wounds. Land Speeders in squadrons was a bad idea, I suggested best have two of these with cyclone launchers in future and get another Vindicator - this way he can save points on teleporter homers too. Also I didn't think extra armour did him much favours, he had it on all vehicles and Dreadnoughts still lost that attack and vehicles still cannot shoot.

A few mistakes on JDs part. He should have kept his Rhinos back and let me come to him, once in range then blast me - he moved his forward and popped smoke but he just put himself in assault range for me. Also, he he would have torrented a single target with missile launchers he probably would have killed several Trygons. He also managed to seize the intiative but decided to go second anyway, if he went first he would have stopped me from getting second turn charge and let his Speeders come in earlier.

I think with a re-worked list he would do slightly better as he didn't have much multiple threats. Tactics wise he was more or less spot on, besides feeding me Rhinos and combat squads! lol!

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In my experience you never EVER let Nids go first. Keep'em coming Mercer, as I'm not curently playing any Warhammer at least I can have my fill with all of your many reports.

(BTW I like how you put in 'tactical notes' to let us know where you are going in your strateges)

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Thanks for the comments guys.

Well, Tyranids, let them go first they come to you and you've got to kill as many as you can - let them go second you need to have long range guns to blow them away. Depends on your army TBH.

Thanks, a lot of people like tactical notes part.
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