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Had a game last night with the missus really to test out my latest Tyranid list. Tactics aren't massively to play in this as I tell my missus what's best to shoot at, however typical woman does what she wants anyway lol :p

Tyranids "Hive Fleet Krakken" - 2,000 points


Hive Tyrant - bonesword & lashwhip, scything talons, acid blood, old adversary, adrenal glands, hive commander & wings


3 x Hive Guard

3 x Hive Guard

3 x Zoanthropes w/ Myceptic Spore


10 x Genestealers - toxin sacs

10 x Genestealers - toxin sacs

18 x Termagants - fleshborers

15 x Termagants - fleshborers

Heavy Support

Trygon - adrenal glands

Trygon - adrenal glands

Trygon Prime - adrenal glands

Total: 2000

Imperial Guard "Steel Lions" - 2,000 points


1 x Company Command Squad w/ Chimera - 3 x plasma guns & medi-kit

1 x Company Command Squad w/ Chimera - 3 x plasma guns & medi-kit


Veterans - 3 x meltaguns

Veterans - 3 x meltaguns

Veterans w/ Chimera - 3 x meltaguns

Veterans w/ Chimera - 3 x flamers

Veterans w/ Chimera - 3 x flamers

Fast Attack

1 x Valkyrie - multiple missile pods

1 x Valkyrie - multiple missile pods

2 x Hellhounds - heavy flamers

Heavy Support

1 x Leman Russ - heavy flamer

1 x Leman Russ Demolisher - heavy flamer

1 x Leman Russ Demolisher - heavy flamer

Total: 1995

Game: Pitched Battle & Anniliation


I rolled to go first and deployed the three trygons in the centre of the board with the tyrant behind. Each unit of hive guard were deployed in ruins and a single unit of termagants deployed behind the tower ruin the hive guard were in. I kept in reserve both units of stealers, a unit of termagants and obivously the zoanthropes.

I advised my missus ti deploy the command squads in the centre of the board which have direct LOS at the triple trygons, the plasma will make a mess of these. Then on her left flank deploy the valkyries with the melta vets and the right flank the hellhounds and 2 units of veterans with flamers. The rest she could do as she desired.

**As I still have to get a few models I'm running proxies for the Tyranids. Both units of Hive Guard are proxied with Raveners and the two units of Genestealers proxied with Termagants, the Genestealer units are a mix of undercoated black Termagants and some purple ones - I didn't paint these btw, it's how they come. And lastly the Trygon Prime is proxied by a Carnifex as my plastic crack supplier ballsed up and sent my a Carnifex instead of a Trygon, this was actually last week and I still haven't received my giant snake yet!

Turn 1

The triple trygons run ahead making it half way across the board with the tyrant following them. Termagants stay where they are along with the hive guard.

Shooting both units of hive guard are just out of range.

In the guards turn both valkyries turbo boost towards the hive guard on my right flank. Hellhounds move 18" but don't make use of the road and all other tanks move out, except the standard russ and a demolisher hidden in a building.

In the shooting turn both CCS unload plasma into a snigle trygon leaving it with about 2 wounds left if I remember. The standard russes battle cannon fires and hits the trygon prime scoring a wound. The demolisher out of terrain fires at the hive guard in the tower and kills 1 of them and wounds another.

*Tactical Notes

Against a Guard army like this everything is a threat. The heavy support have the AP to blast wounds from my monstrous creatures, the Hellhounds and Veteran flamers can BBQ my troops and the CCS along with the melta vets can tackle monstrous creatures no problem. So, looking at things the CCS need to die first as these can put out the most damage if they rapid fire, which is 6 shots and equal to a Trygons full wounds - so each squad has the potential to kill a Trygon per turn. The CCS must die first followed by the Hellhounds which can move fast and kill my troops very easily along with my Hive Guard. The Guard heavy support can wait because the templates may scatter and the melta Veterans in the Valkyries need to at least turbo boost over to my Hive Guard.

For the Imperial Guard I advised that the fast moving Trygons along with the Zoanthropes are a threat more than anything. Reason is the Trygons can open up the vehicles easily and quickly, while the ranged Hive Guard can be avioided or just use the strength of the Chimeras armour 12 against the shots. The Zoanthropes will be a pain reducing the armour of those tough Russes, if the Zoanthropes die then only Trygons can tackle those tanks. The Genestealers are in reserve and may not come in the right place, however tanks need to be opened for the 'Stealers to get down to business, really, kill anything which can open armour and the rest will struggle.

Turn 2

I call for reserves, the unit of zoanthropes drop pods in and scatters onto the trygon wall but stops short as per the myceptic spore special rule. A unit of stealers comes in and outflanks on the right flank in the guard deployment zone, not exactly where I wanted them but I guess they'll come in handy. The unit of termagants also comes in and outflanks on the left flank and targets the rear armour of a flamer chimera.

The triple trygons split off here with the two normal ones charging off towards each CCS chimera, this puts them out of synapse range. The prime trygon and tyrant head towards the valkyries targetted one each.

Shooting the uit of hive guard in the tower fire at the hellhound squad and immobilise one, which is wrecked for squads - one down one to go. The other unit of hive guard fire at one valkyrie but all they manage to do is score weapon destroyed after cover saves for the skimmer. The zoanthropes charge up their big ol' brains and warp lance the demolisher which isn't hidden in terrain, they score weapon destroyed and the main turret is lost. The termgants which outflanked fire at the flamer veterans chimera and score a weapon destroyed and crew stunned results after scoring several glancing hits.

In assault both trygons charge both CCS chimeras and pop them both, each command squad suffers losses from the exploding vehicles. The prime and tyrant charge each valkyrie but both make the cover saves.

Tyranids are winning so far with 2 kills points.

In the guards turn the wrecked turret demolisher moves towards the zoanthropes lighting up its flamer, the other demolisher gets stuck in terrain and is immobilised. The hellhound rolls up towards the termagants hiding behind the tower. The crew stunned flamer vets bail out and prime up the flamers while the supporting flamer vet squads rolls back and readies to fire out the hatch.

Shooting the hellhound BBQs some termagants, the flamer veterans on foot kill all the termagants which outflanked. One CCS fails to pass a order to itself (perhaps that giant slobbering snake scares them off?) the other CCS issues bring it down to itself ok, both squads fire at the already wounded trygon and kill it. The melta vets in the chimera and standard russ fire at the other trygon knocking it down to 3 wounds remaining. The demolisher in terrain fires at the trygon prime but the prime gets a cover save and passes. Another hive guard from the tower ruin is killed leaving just one behind, luckily they're in synapse range.

Points are Tyranids - 2 Imperial Guard - 2

*Tactical Notes

Ok an Hellhound is down and a flamer Veteran squad is down for a turn. Along a Demolisher is out of action, mostly, and both CCS exposed. It's a shame I couldn't get those melta Vets out the Valkyries so I could have assault them, well at least one unit - would have stopped them shooting at me next turn!

My next turn I plan to stop the other flamer Veteran Chimera and take those birds out the sky exposing the melta vets before they start gunning my down. The CCS squads both must die too, though they lack the numbers as both have lost plasma guns, one CCS only has one plasma gunner left.

With the Guard I totally ballsed up. I forgot the Hive Guard were 4+ armour save so the Hellhound could have damaged one unit at least, though killing the Termagants does earn a easy kill point. Also the melta vets didn't bail out the Valkyries which means they missed a turn shooting and perhaps could have killed either the Tyrant or Trygon Prime.

Guards advice this time is polish off that wounded Trygon and eliminate the Tyrant for a easy kill point along with the Zoanthropes as they'll mangle more armour 14.

Turn 3

Last stealer unit still doesn't come on :( .

The zoanthropes head over towards the hellhound while the termagants run away from it towards the trygon prime. The single trygon at the guard lines charges up the bio pulse on a CCS. The outflanking stealers run towards the demolisher in terrain but don't get close enough, but are luckily hidden from LOS on the other side of the ruin.

Single hive guard fires at the crew shaken flamer vets chimera but only scores weapon destroyed, it now has no ranged weapons left. The zoanthropes fair better and pop the last hellhound scoring another point for the tyranids, though a zoanthrope suffers a wound from a failed psychic test. The other unit of hive guard pop a valkyrie killing a few guardsmen in the process, the hive tyrant than casts paroxysm and kills another. The single trygon passes synapse and fires bio pulse at the CCS killing all but the commander, which passes morale and stays to confront the slobbering beast!

In assault the prime smashes the last valkyrie, the tyrant charges and kills all the melta veterans. The single trygon swallows the commander whole earning a kill point.

In the guard turn the operational flamer veteran chimera rolls up towards the zoanthropes, it moves into terrain but passes terrain test ok. The melta veterans in the chimera roll past the single trygon so at least it needs 4+ to hit and not close by the genestealers. The damaged turret demolisher doesn't move as my missus forgot to!

In the shooty shooty phase the last CCS issues bring it down to itself ok, it fires at the single trygon along with the melta vets but the trygon survives with a single wound remaining! The zoanthropes taste flame from the demolisher and a zoanthrope is burnt. The melta vets left which get blown out of their valkyrie pop two wounds on the trygon prime, the immobilised demolisher fires at the same target but it scatters back towards itself and misses.

Kill points are Tyranids - 7 Imperial Guard - 2

*Tactical Notes

With the Hellhound destroyed and both flamer Veteran squads out of range my Termagants are safe. I am truely shocked however the single Trygon survived the ordeal of plasma and melta shots, that last CCS is next. Targets left now is just the melta veterans which fired at the Prime and the other melta Veterans in the Chimera, the immobilised Demolisher hopefully will be tackled by the Genestealers.

Guard would now do best killing off the single Hive Guard for a easy point but they have nothing in range and with meltas still going around in the other unit the Hive Guard in terrain will get cover and won't be I.D'd because they're T6 anyway. Best bet is kill the two Zoanthropes and try and take down the last wounded Trygon and then start nailing the Tyrant as it's only got 4 wounds.

Turn 4

The last unit of genestealers finally comes in from reserve and outflanks on the left side coming in just the other side of the ruin on the left, near the last wrecked hellhound in order to avoid the flamer veterans.

The termagant unit moves into terrain to support the trygon prime, the tyrant moves over ready to assault the melta veterans. The single trygon rages and heads towards the last CC unit. The zoanthropes float back towards the broken turret demolisher and the other unit of genestealers run towards the back of the demolisher stuck in terrain.

In the shooting turn the single Hive Guard pops the flamer veterans chimera by the zoanthropes, the one which was in terrain. Half the guard are killed in the blast but pass morale. The zoanthropes fail to pop the demolisher. The termagants fire at the melta veterans along with the tyrant which casts paroxysm killing 2 in total. The full unit of hive guard fire at the melta vets chimera, however one is out of range, they score immobilised result.

In assault the single trygon assaults the last CCS killing them, it then consolidates into the large black building getting a cover save. The tyrant and prime charge the melta vets wiping them out. The genestealers blow up the immobilised demolisher.

The guard start the movement turn by moving the operational flamer veteran chimera towards the genestealers which just outflanked. The damanged turret demolisher moves towards the zoanthropes while the beaten flamer vets which got blown out their tank move into terrain for cover. The leman russ moves just under 6" so the single trygon needs at least 4+ to hit.

Shooting the leman russ kills 4 genestealers but it's not enough. The melta veterans in the chimera fire at the genestealers but only kill 1. The demolisher unleashes its flamer but does nothing to the zoanthropes.

Points are now Tyranids: 11 Imperial Guard: 2

*Tactical Notes

It's pretty much a one way battle for the Imperial Guard now as there isn't a lot they can do to catch up. Best thing they can do is target the Genestealers and burn them and take out that last Trygon if they can.

The plan for Tyranids is now just mop up. Use the Hive Guard to pop open the last flamer Veteran's Chimera and assault with the Genestealers, then pop open the melta Veterans Chimera and assault them and finally use the single wound Trygon to polish off the Leman Russ.

Turn 5

The genestealers which came in last turn move through terrain towards the last flamer veteran chimera. The single trygon heads towards the rear of the leman russ and the tyrant, prime and genestealers head towards the melta veterans chimera. The termagants head over towards the flamer veterans in terrain.

In the shooting phase the zoanthropes pop the damaged turret demolisher, finally. The single hive guard pops the last flamer veteran chimera it explodes killing half the guard unit and a few genestealers too, the guard fail morale and fall back. The other unit of hive guard fire at the immobilised melta chimera but because the tyrant is blocking fire it gets a cover save, two ouf of three hits are saved and the tank suffers a crew stunned result however the prime does better and unleashes the bio pulse into the rear armour and wrecks it. The termagants fire at the flamer veterans and reducing them down to 25% lose as when the demolisher it exploded it took two guardsmen with it; they fail morale and fall back.

In assault the single trygon assaults the leman russ and pops it, the genestealers, tyrant and trygon assault the melta veterans but the genestealers wipe them out with eight rending hits!

In the guard turn the flamer vets which were in terrani attempt to regroup as they're at 50% of there starting number but fail and fall back. Only two guard units left, which are falling back and cannot regroup so the Tyranids win with a table victory scoring 18 kill points in total.


Well that was interesting. I expecting the armoured Imperial Guard to be tough, but alas it was not. Taking max Hive Guard and a max Zoanthrope unit really helps Tyranids with the anti tank department.

I think taking one Hive Tyrant was fine and use the unit to pull in reserves earlier only and make sure it has a supporting gribbly. I did find that I only used old adversary once, my plan was to have the Genestealers around the Tyrant to use this but because they outflanked they was no where near, so I'm gonna drop it.

Speaking of supporting gribblies I found the triple Trygon to be wicked and taking a Prime really helps for synapse, even though is expensive. The Trygons can move quickly and just smash stuff up and with 18 wounds between them you really have to focus all fire power on one Trygon per turn to put one down.

I found Termagants to work a lot better in larger units. When using a Tervigon they just spawn small units, 12 on average I say but I found 15 works best, which btw I only took two units of 15 instead of 15 and 18 - ah well! The whole point of this battle was to test out Genestealers tbh which work ace with toxin sacs and outflanking them is certainly the way to go, but you need a tag-team unit to pop a transport so the 'Stealers can assault. See the thing with Tervigons once they burn out they're not that brilliant, they're so-so in combat and as mentioned Termagants work better in bigger units. I think I'm going to stick with the Genestealers :p

As for Guard the list is tried and tested but I am considering a Executioner again but this time with plasma cannon sponsons. This should wreck Tyranids and every other army. Though I'll be dropping the Leman Russ for it, which is ok itself but the Executioner will have more damage output probably, although costing a damn sight more - this will however mean I'll have to drop a Hellhound in order to fit it in and I'll end up having points spare, interesting ;)
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