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Tyranids VS Imperial Fists - 2,000 points

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wanted to try this list here: Tyranids "Hive Fleet Kraken" - 2,000 points so I got a game in.

Tyranids "Hive Fleet Krakken" - 2,000 points


Hive Tyrant - bonesword & lashwhip, scything talons, acid blood, hive commander & wings

Hive Tyrant - bonesword & lashwhip, scything talons, acid blood & wings


2 x Hive Guard

2 x Hive Guard

2 x Zoanthropes w/ Myceptic Spore


10 x Genestealers - toxin sacs

10 x Genestealers - toxin sacs

15 x Termagants - fleshborers

15 x Termagants - fleshborers

Heavy Support

Trygon - adrenal glands

Trygon - adrenal glands

Trygon - adrenal glands

Total: 1995

Imperial Fists "Perturabo Hunters" - 2,000 points


Captain - relic blade, storm shield & artificer armour


5 x Assault Terminators - 3 x thunder hammers & 2 x lightning claws

5 x Assault Terminators - 5 x thunder hammers


10 x Tactical Marines w/ Rhino - 1 x flamer, 1 x missile launcher - sgt w/ combi flamer - rhino w/ hunter killer missile

10 x Tactical Marines w/ Rhino - 1 x meltagun, 1 x missile launcher - sgt w/ combi melta - rhino w/ hunter killer missile

10 x Tactical Marines w/ Rhino - 1 x meltagun, 1 x missile launcher - sgt w/ combi melta - rhino w/ hunter killer missile

Fast Attack

1 x Land Speeder - multi melta

1 x Land Speeder - multi melta

Heavy Support

1 x Land Raider Crusader - 1 x multi melta

1 x Land Raider Crusader - 1 x multi melta

1 x Predator - autocannon, lascannons

Total: 2005

Game: Pitched battle & seize ground.


Tyranids win the roll off and deploy first after the objectives are placed. A unit of hive guard is placed in a tower ruin with a swarm of termagants at the base of it. Another unit of hive guard are placed at the side of the centre ruin with a supporting unit of termagants. One hive tyrant takes the left flank with dual trygons and the other tyrant takes the right flank with a single trygon, but has the hive guard for supporting ranged fire. The genestealers are kept in reserve and will outflank.

Fists deploy with the dual land raiders packed with terminators and the captain on the left flank opposing the dual trygon and tyrant. All rhinos deploy in the centre behind a crater, though one rhino has to deploy in the crater itself; both these have line of sight on the hive guard. The predator lingers on the right flank on a road with line of sight straight to the trygon and tyrant, it has the two land speeders supporting it. The tacticals combat squad down and camp up in ruins; one squad already claims the shrine objective.


Centre crater
Small crater

*Tactical Notes

Ok plan here is to send those Trygons slithering up the board as quickly as possible and use them as cover for the Hive Tyrants. The Trygons will tackle the Land Raiders, but more than likely will be killed by the Terminators next turn. The Predator and Land Speeders are a major threat on the right flank and can kill my Tyrant in one turn, if lucky. I'll use the Hive Guard to pop the Rhinos, firing 2 shot S8 each they should have a field day I'll also use them to wreck the Land Speeders too. The 'Stealers will mop up the heavy weapon combat squads and the Termagants claim objectives.

I advise my missus to alpha strike the hive guard with mass hunter killer rockets so they cannot pop any tanks. Then fire krak rockets at the trygons, keeping focus on the same one. Roll up the rhinos and fire melta from the hatch and use the land raiders to blast the trygons and put as many wounds on them as possible. Then deal with the ouflanking genestealers by shooting the hell out of them and assault the trygons and hive tyrants with terminators.

Turn 1

I run both the hive guard and supporting termagants onto the centre crater objective and move the other units of termgants through terrain, climbing up the tower and claiming the objective there. I run all the trygons forward keeping the tyrants behind them. The dual trygons manage to hide behind a building so will at least get cover saves.

No shooting everything is out of range or has ran.

In the fists turn the trio of rhinos hold position and so does the predator. The land speeders move out, one has to take a terrain test but passes ok. The two land raiders move 6" but do not disembark the terminators as not close enough to assault and wanted to lay down mass fire power first weakening the trio of monstrous creatures on the left flank as much as possible.

First turn shooting the rhinos alpha strike the hive guard on the centre crater objective but only manage to put a wound on one of them after cover saves. The two speeders fire at the trygon in front of the tyrant on the right flank but one misses while the other scores a wound. The predator fires all weapons at the hive guard in the tower, only the lascannons hit but the guard pass cover saves. Combat squad on the objective fires a krak at the trygon scoring a wound, all other combat squads fire krak rockets at the oncoming double trygon formation but only score a single wound after cover saves. The land raiders open fire all weapons and after cover saves a single trygon is down to two wounds.

*Tactical Notes

Well not a lot achieved first turn besides claiming objectives but that could easily change. I think the Fists had better luck because they're got longer ranged weapons and by targetting one monstrous creature a turn they've knocked one down by several wounds and put some wounds on another.

Plan now for tyranids is charge the land raider and pop it with a trygon and follow it up with a dual attack from the other trygon and hive tyrant. I'll use the hive guard to pop rhinos now the ones on the centre crater objective are in range and I'll quickly take out those land speeders. The predator needs to be tackled, quickly, and the combat squad on the shrine objective needs to be taken out so I can gain a foot hold.

Plan for the Imperial Fists is to keep putting wounds on the monstrous creatures one by one until they're dead. Assault the dual Trygons and Hive Tyrant with the Terminators and Captain and move the Rhinos up to start claiming objectives and put wounds on the big beasts with meltas.

Turn 2

I roll for reserves with only one unit of genestealers coming on, they outflank by the predator and are definately in assault range :)

The dual trygon formation moves forward but due to placement of the land raiders and trygons it looks like each trygon is attacking one land raider, the hive tyrant however doesn't follow into combat and lingers behind to view the battle. The other tyrant takes a more aggressive form of attack and heads towards one of the land speeders while the trygon moves towards the combat squad on the shrine objective.

Shooting the hive guard in the tower pop a land speeder while the other unit of hive guard pops the flamer combat squad's rhino.

In assault one trygon scores weapon destroyed on the captains land raider, wrecking the assault cannon and scores immobilised and also crew stunned. The other trygon doesn't do anything to the other land raider. The tyrant assaults the land speeders and wrecks it while the genestealers tear into the predator, it explodes and kills one of their own in the blast. The signel trygon attempts to assault the combat squad on the top level of the ruin but has no luck moving enough distance through terrain.

In the space marines turn the captain and terminator squad unload from the land raider. The flamer squad gets forgotten to move - doh! While both meltas aren't in range to do anything even if they moved.

Shooting the land raider which is still operational puts a few wounds on the un-wounded trygon on the right flank, softening it up before assault. The immobilised land raider fires multi melta and puts a wound on the hive tyrant hanging back. A krak rocket fires from the shrine at the hive tyrant on the left flank putting a wound on it. The other two krak rockets fire at the hive guard in the centre crater objective and manage to kill one.

In assault the 2 wound trygon is slayed by the captain alone. The other trygon is repeatedly smashed by lightning claws and thunder hammers and is slayed, though not before it takes out a lightning claw terminator and wounding the captain.

*Tactical Notes

Hmmm not good, two Trygons down and a wounded Hive Tyrant - this could mean my entire left flank is crushed next turn if those Terminators reach my Hive Tyrant - fly away Hive Tyrant fly away!

I'm hoping in the next turn the Zoanthropes deep strike in and pop the still working Land Raider so the Terminators lose mobility.

My missus has now actually told me what she is gonna do, which is good. She's going to kill all my monsters she said; that's her plan!

Turn 3

Zoanthropes arrive from reserve and deep strike near the solo hive tyrant. The other unit of genestealers outflanks and comes on by the two combat squads in a ruin.

Movement the genestealers move into terrain towards the small crater objective. The solo hive tyrant flies towards the centre crater objective, while the other hive tyrant moves towards the flamer squad out in the open.

Shooting the hive guard pop another rhino. The hive tyrant casts leech essence on the flamer squad but fails to score any wounds. The last trygon fires bio pulse at the combat squad on the shrine and kills one. The zoanthropes fire at the operational land raider but don't do any damage.

In assault the genestealers fail to make the assault move, the solo trygon also fails to make the assault move and the solo hive tyrant is just out off assault range.

Space marines movement turn and the captain and terminators move towards the zoanthropes, the land raider carrying the full hammer terminator unit ploughs through terrain ok towards the centre objective, the terminator bail out ready to make an assault. All combat squads available move towards or target the genestealers which just come in. The flamer combat squad moves towards the centre objective.

In the shooting phase a melta combat squad in a rhino fire at the outflank genestealers along with the other combat squad which the genestealers planned to assault and the other squad on foot; all genestealers are wiped out in a hail of bolter fire and melta shots. The hive tyrant which was by the flamer squad gets killed by a krak rocket from the squad on the shrine objective and another combat squad near the genestealers. The land raider which just delivered the hammer terminators fires the assault cannon and puts a wound on the last hive guard in the centre objective, though it still has one wound. The flamer squad unleash flamer and burn 9 termagants from the crater.

In assault the captain and terminators assault the zoanthropes and smash in their big brains. The hammer terminators multi assault and smash the hive guard and the termagants, the termagants have to take 7 fearless saves which kills them all off.

*Tactical Notes

Hmmm looks like the Tyranids are taking a pounding. Best thing I can do now is hope that Trygon chasing it's tail trying to assault the squad on the shrine objective actually does make assault. I can use the other Genestealer unit to claim the small crater objective, nothing on that flank threatens them plus they'll be in terrain to claim cover. The centre crater objective I'm going no where near and I'm going to avoid.

Turn 4

The solo surviving tyrant flies back towards the tower to make sure it's out of assault range. The last genestealer unit moves through cover and runs onto the small crater objective and claims it. The last trygon moves through cover and runs but still isn't on the same level as the combat squad.

Shooting the hive guard fire at the terminators but they pass the armour saves.

In assault the trygon moves through cover and makes it to the top floor, it takes no wounds in combat and slaughters the combat squad now contesting that objective.

In the fist turn a krak rocket and a rending shot from the assault cannon wipe out the last hive tyrant. The melta squad left in the rhino move towards the trygon, but are out of range and don't have enough fire power to kill it off.

Game is declared over and the Tyranids win claiming two objectives and contesting one.

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Good report, though I doubt Mrs. Mercer was very happy about it :p

TH/SS Terms just tear up MCs, especially if they can get them one at a time. I use Tervigon-boosted Termagants and Paroxysm to handle them just through sheer number of attacks. A Trygon and Tyrant double-teaming a unit would be able to mess them up, especially if you get Paroxysm off.
Miss Warwick ;) :p lol. We're not married, yet, though we've been together for 10 years thinking about it since our teens.

Aye hammer 'nators wreck monstrous creatures, if a land raider would have been popped by a trygon and then multiple assaults from the second trygon and hive tyrant at least one terminator unit would be dead or seriously wounded.
Well good on you anyway, 10 years is practically married anyway :p

I'm way too reliant on Paroxysm to kill Termies, if I don't get it off or get charged that's usually lights out for my MCs.
Aye mate 10 years strong and not split up once.

Aye mate you're right, that's why I fell back with the hive tyrant because there's no way it can duke it out against those terminators and if it entered imperial fists lines the terminators would have caught up and smashed it to bits anyway.
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