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Met Justicar Alaric from dakkadakka.com on Friday night for a 2k game. Would be my first game against Blood Angels and I'll be taking note of them and see if it's worth dropping my Eldar in favour of these guys.

Tyranids "Hive Fleet Krakken" - 2,000 points


Hive Tyrant - bonesword & lashwhip, devourers, acid blood, old adversary & wings


2 x Hive Guard

2 x Hive Guard

2 x Zoanthropes w/ Myceptic Spore


5 x Warriors - rending claws, deathspitters & toxin sacs

14 x Termagants - fleshborers

14 x Termagants - fleshborers

20 x Hormagaunts - toxin sacs

20 x Hormagaunts - toxin sacs

Heavy Support

Trygon Prime - adrenal glands

Trygon - adrenal glands

Trygon - adrenal glands

Total: 2000

Blood Angels - 2,000 points


Commander Dante

5 x Sanguinary Guard - chapter banner, death masks & hand flamer


10 x Assault Marines - plasma pistol

10 x Tactical Marine w/ Razorback - meltagun & multi melta - razorback w/ lascannons

10 x Tactical Marine w/ Razorback - missile launcher

10 x Tactical Marines - heavy bolter

10 x Death Company w/ Land Raider Crusader - thunder hammer & 1 x power fists - Crusader w/ multi melta & extra armour

Game: Seize ground & pitched battle


I won the roll off and decided to go second, reason is the Angels will possibly be deep striking so if I did go first I'd lose several turns of shooting but if they go first and deep strike I can shoot and assault my following turn :) I placed three of the five objectives along my table edge we'll call them shrine, rubble and sanctum. My opponent placed the other two on his side we'll call them basilica and factory.

Blood Angels deployed putting a combat squad with a meltagun in the basilica objective with the lascannon razorback and a squad inside supporting it. Heavy bolter combat squad was placed in a different centre factory ruin with the multi melta combat squad on foot on the ground behind it. Finally a missile launcher combat squad held the factory objective with the heavy bolter razorback supporting, in reserve stopped the death co with the land raider, dante and sanguinary guard and assault marines; all these would deep strike in.

I put my units down to counter the Angels deployment. I put in the shrine objective a unit of hive guard, hive tyrant, trygon and hormgaunts. Due to room the tag team of trygon prime and a trygon had to sit outside in terrain with a unit of hormgaunts hiding behind them. On the centre rubble I put a unit of termagants and on the ground floor of the sanctum objective I put warriors, termagants and hive guard. In reserve was the zoanthropes dropping in.

*Tactical Notes

Ok the Land Raider is in reserve so I don't need to worry about that and Dante with the Sanguinary Guard is too, which is good because when they deep strike in I'll make sure they won't survive! lol! My plan here is to disable that lascannon Razorback as it can take wounds of my monstrous creatures, however I expect to be in assault on it by turn 2 anyway. I'll focus on the left flank of my side of the board claiming my fourth objective the factory objective I won't bother because it's no mans land to get across and claiming 4 out of 5 objectives scores me a win anyway. Once the basilica objective is secured I can move along and nail those combat squads, but I don't expect a single multi melta and heavy bolter to do much damage.

Turn 1

Both Razorbacks move 12" while the multi melta combat squad attempts to move into terrain but doesn't make the move. Melta combat squad which is in the sanctum ruin moves onto the actual objective so now actually within 3" of it.

Shooting the lascannon razorback pops a wound of the trygon prime, heavy bolter squad fires at it but scores no wounds after saves. Missile launcher on the factory objectives hits and wound a hive guard in the sanctum ruin but the guard makes the cover save.

I move my trygon prime and supporting trygon through terrain and run them with the hormgaunts following behind. The hive guard move to contest the shrine objective. The hive tyrant, trygon and hormagaunts move out making use of the ruins so they don't get shot by the heavy bolter squad. The warriors move through terrain but I have to run them to get them within 3" of the sanctum objective; they now claim it. The hive guard in that sanctum ruin move so LOS cannot be drawn to them.

Shooting both hive guard units fire at the razorbacks and crew stun them both, so at least they won't be firing next turn :) Everything else is out of range.

In assault the trygon supporting the prime moves 6" through cover climbing up the basilica ruin and assaults the meltagun combat squad on the objective; they're all slaughtered and the objective is now contested :)

*Tactical Notes

Well I've stun locked those Razorbacks, which isn't exactly what I wanted because I wanted to pop them and my Hive Guard have never let me down, however, they cannot shoot or move next turn :) I'm also glad that Trygon made assault, the objective is now contested and I don't think much is going to move two Trygons!

Turn 2

Dante and the Sanguinary Guard deep strike in just behind the shrine ruin. The Land Raider deep strikes in but scatters onto a tower ruin in the middle of the board and is put back in reserve, the Assault Marines fail the roll.

Squad inside the las-back bail out, the multi melta combat squad moves into terrain - that's it for Blood Angels!

Dante and S-Guard don't bother shooting at the Hive Guard, my opponent didn't think it was worth it. Multi melta pops a wound on the Trygon on the objective. Trygon Prime doesn't get shot at for some reason. Missile launcher combat squad fires at the Warriors but missies. Heavy bolter fires at the Trygon on the objective and manages to put a wound on.

In my turn a do a u-turn with the Tyrant, Trygon and Hormgaunts and send them all towards the Sanguinary Guard and Dante. Trygon Prime moves through terrain to assault the squad which just bailed out the las-back, Hormgaunts move onto the basilica objective while the Trygon goes multi melta hunting!

Hive Guard by the Warriors fires at the Razorbacks and scores stunned again, the other Guard fire at the lascannon Razorback scoring immobilised and weapon destroy. The Tyrant casts paroxysm on the Sanguinary Guard and fires devourers which 2 Sanguinary Guard are killed. Trygon going after the multi melta squad fires bio electric and kills one.

In the assault phase the Prime assaults and kills all of that combat squad which just came out the Razorback. Trygon tries to move through cover to get to the multi melta squad but fails the terrain rolls. Hive Tyrant, Trygon and Hormagaunts pile into the Sanguinary Guard, Dante strikes first but goes against Hormagaunts seems in base contact with them and kills four. Tyrant strikes next killing all the S-Guard while the Trygon munches down Dante and slaughters him. All units consolidate with the Hormgaunts moving onto the shrine objective.


[i]*Tactical Notes

With the Sanguinary Guard and Dante dead Land Raider back in reserve and the lascannon Razorback out of action looks like it's plain sailing. The basilica objective is mine and there isn't anything which can move the Prime and Hormagaunts from it - oh that was a interesting round.

All I'm gonig to do now is just hold onto the objectives and use the Prime and supporting Trygon to flank across the board and tackle the multi melta and heavy bolter combat squad. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the Tyrant and Trygon combo with Hormgaunts in tow. [/i]

Turn 3

Assault Squad arrives in from reserve and deep strikes with into the face of my Termagants on the rubble objective.

No movement from Blood Angels.

Shooting the Assault Squad fire at the Termagants but because more than 50% is in cover I get cover saves, which all put one passes - excellent! Multi melta puts a wound on the Trygon leaving 3 remaining, heavy bolter fires but does nothing. Missile launcher combat squad fires at the Warriors but misses.

My Zoanthropes arrive from reserve deep striking behind the centre tower ruin on my side of the board.

The Trygon Prime and supporting Trygon moves towards the multi melta combat squad. The Hive Tyrant and Trygon move towards the Assault Squad and the Hive Guard on the shrine objective move out towards the heavy bolter squad seems there is nothing in range to shoot at.

The Zoanthropes are out of range of the stunned Razorback. The Hive Tyrant casts paroxysm on the Assault Squad and fires along with two units of Termagants, Hive Guard and Warriors after the dust has settled only two Assault Marines remain. The other unit of Hive Guard which came out the shrine fire at the heavy bolter squad along with the Primes containment spines killing a few the other Trygon fires bio electric at the multi melta squad leaving just the melta surviving.

In assault the Trygon gulps down the solo multi melta Space Marine.


* Tactical Notes

The left flank of my side of the board is totally clear and both Hormgaunt units will have no further problems hanging onto those objectives. I'm glad I fired everything into those Assault Marines as they'd really hurt my Termagants probably the upcoming turn. Reason I cast paroxysm on them wasn't because I was expecting the Hive Tyrant to get into assault, I knew he wouldn't. It was if the Assault Marines attempted to attack my Termagants they'd have a hard job, now they're out the fight more or less for next turn as well!

All I need to do now is sit and hold tight and wait for the Land Raider...

Turn 4

Land Raider with the Death Co arrives from reserve and deep strikes on target the other side of the sanctum ruin.

Assault Squad falls back towards the Land Raider.

The Land Raider fires what it can at my Warriors and after cover saves kills one. The missile launcher squad fires at the Warriors and misses again while the heavy bolter fires at the oncoming Trygon.

In my turn I move my Zoanthropes to target the side of the Land Raider, I'm hoping I can pop it and then lay down salvos of fire power into the Death Co and then follow up with a assault from rending toxin Warriors. Trygon and Hive Tyrant move to shield the Termagants on the rubble objective while the Trygon Prime and Trygon move towards the heavy bolter combat squad.

The Zoanthropes fire at the Land Raider scoring a glancing and penetrating hit but we agreed 5+ cover save due to part the hull been covered from LOS, which the Land Raider passes both cover saves! Both Trygon Prime and Trygon along with Hive Guard nearby fire at the heavy bolter squad leaving just one survivor.

*Tactical Notes

I'm gutted that Land Raider passed the cover saves, damn! Never mind I'll just have to grin and bear it. Hopefully I can get the Warriors in and gun them down and take the suckers out!

Turn 5

Land Raider moves and the Death Co bail out, the Raider fires at my Warriors and scores a single wound. In assault the Death Co charge and flatten a Termagaunt squad supporting the Warriors.

In my turn I move the Zoanthropes to blast the remains of the Assault Squad through a doorway, I cannot risking blasts against the Death Co in case scatters onto my Warriors. Shooting I fire everything I can at the Death Co causing a few wounds, but nothing major. The Zoanthropes fire through the doorway at the Assault Squad which one is killed after cover saves. In assault my Warriors charge the Death Co after the dust has settled 5 Death Co remain and my Warriors get done over by instant death thunder hammer and power fist!

As this point I decide to call it a day as I want to get home and also I've got 4 objectives while the Angels have one and only two scoring troop units remaining.


A interesting game and my plan went to, well plan! lol. As I already had 3 objectives in my grasp scoring that next one from the left flank wasn't tough because only two squads held it. With a barrage of impaler cannon shots taking out the Razorback it's lascannons couldn't do anything and with double Trygon assault followed by Hormgaunts those two combat squads won't last long and the objective would be claimed easily. Due to the gap between the objective, multi melta and then heavy bolter squads it was easy enough for the Trygons to slither along from one combat to the other taking none or few wounds on the way.

I was gutted about those Zoanthropes not taking out the Land Raider but I guess I cannot have it all. I'm glad those Assault Marines got beaten, I did think of assaulting them with my Termagants but I had the objective and I didn't want to lose it. As for mistakes I don't think I made any, I don't remember casting paroxysm on those Death Co but I think the Tyrant might have been out of range.

Justicar Alaric played well and he had some poor dice rolls with that single missile launcher, however I think lack of serious fire power meant he couldn't tackle those Trygons reliable and deep striking in Dante and the S-Guard was just sending them into the meat grinder. The Land Raider deep strike wasn't brilliant and with armour 14 I would have started it on the board as those Death Co could have fought off the Hormgaunts on the basilica objective, possibly, Trygons would have been around but they did have a single thunder hammer and also power fists too so would have done some damage.
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