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Got a match in against the Admech with my Kraken Tyranids. This was an older battle report (if you've seen my teams event video, this was the first version of my list I ended up going with for the event).

I tried to relive the glory days and go with multiple Flyrants to see how they'd play. A relic I've had my eye on for a while now was the Scyths of Tyran. I know the Reaper outshines it in almost every day, but on a second flyrant I think it has some legs. The question however is it worth doing x2 flyrants over a walker + ReapFlyrant combo? My initial consensus is it may not be worth it, but sure adds some aggressive potential. Definitely check the report to see if it worked out or if Walker + Flyrant is the way.

In this fantastic match it was extremely tight every turn and made for a very fun game to play and watch.

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