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Tyranids - Hive Fleet Poseidon

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Hey guys!
Finally i've almost finished my first tiranid warrior :grin:
I just need to finish the gun, and maybe change the base from snowy to something like jungle or beach :biggrin:

Here you are a pic of my tyranid warrior:

The colour scheme is easy: Turquise blu + ice blue highlights for the skin, liche purple + warlock purple + warlock purple/skull white for the armour, bleached bone + devlan mud for the bone parts.

Hope to finish to paint my full army soon :D I'm getting bored to play with basecoat black models :laugh:
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Thanks guys!
This is one of my hive guards! Hope you'll like it :)

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Thanks guys! I'll work more on the bases :)
New updates soon, i'm painting my carnifex and a t-fex conversion :)
Yo' guys! I've just finished my Carnifex! Featuring new bases!
Hope you'll like it!

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Thanks guys! Next days i'll finish my genestealer unit and my tfex! :)
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